December 14th-17th 2012 :: Theme: You are the Villain

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by Crowbeak - 48 Hour Compo Entry

EDIT: The Windows, Mac OS X, and Python IDLE files have all been updated and the game-crashing bug should be fixed. If you notice any other problems, please tell me.

First: This game is NOT intended for children. It contains mature themes. Sex and nudity are nil and there's only a little violence, but cruelty also exists.

This game was most definitely born from the voted theme, but HOW is not apparent until the end. The game really is short, but it is a text based game (story-heavy, with robot output simulation; you can choose some branches in the story).

Please do me a favor and don't TL;DR out on me! Have some mercy for a first-time entrant? :D Maybe? :D

... :D

The Python source code should work on any OS with Python installed; just run DECOMMISSIONER.PY and it will start automagically. Since I didn't manage to include any graphics or sound, the only imports I didn't write are built-in Python modules -- random, time, and string.

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ripter says ...
Dec 17, 2012 @ 4:49am

There is no

Rose says ...
Dec 17, 2012 @ 4:52am

Amazing! I love it! I can't say much more without spoiling it for other players... let's just say you did a great job of making the player into a villain.

FYI I'm running MacOSX and I didn't see any "" - I had to double-click a file called "decommissioner" to play.

leothecool says ...
Dec 17, 2012 @ 5:09am

Totally worth playing till the end!

Crowbeak says ...
Dec 17, 2012 @ 5:10am

Ah, sorry... I changed the name at the last minute. It is to start.

Dec 17, 2012 @ 5:12am

Really cool game. I love the humorous dialogue. The format is really refreshing, I used to love playing games like this. Very cool story!

Crowbeak says ...
Dec 17, 2012 @ 5:12am

@Rose: Thank you. :D I've been trying hard not to spoil it myself.

Quarry says ...
Dec 17, 2012 @ 5:24am

Lovely text adventure, really felt like ADVENT

suve says ...
Dec 17, 2012 @ 5:36am

Quite nice. A shame it's so short (or hell, maybe I did something wrong?), but overall, leaves a good impression. The theme doesn't become apparent until the very ending, but it strikes hard and gives this dystopian feel that I so much enjoy.

teh_eria says ...
Dec 17, 2012 @ 5:40am

Play til the end! The vibe the cmd console gives goes really well with where the character works. Well done!

metadept says ...
Dec 17, 2012 @ 5:41am

Nice story, nice twist, well-written all around. I also spent quite a bit of time managing robots; you could make a whole game out of that!

Falkreon says ...
Dec 17, 2012 @ 5:46am


Crowbeak says ...
Dec 17, 2012 @ 5:47am

:D Thanks for the positive comments, guys. It warms my <3!

@metadept: I knoooooow, programming the robot sim was fun. I want to improve it -- right now the constants and formulas can lead to some wonky results. xD

apophenia says ...
Dec 17, 2012 @ 5:56am

Oh man... I've tried to play this four times, but it keeps crashing during various different points of the robot simulation. I'm not sure what's wrong... I'll have to bookmark it and try again later. :(

hints says ...
Dec 17, 2012 @ 6:05am

Honestly, I started this up thinking, "Oh great, another text adventure...", but by the end I was thoroughly enjoying it.

Crowbeak says ...
Dec 17, 2012 @ 6:08am

@apophenia Can you tell me how it's crashing and which version you are using? I didn't get to test the Windows exe at all, and my brother told me that he had a problem with the update function after making a typo.

@hints :D Yeah, I didn't want it to be just a text adventure.

apophenia says ...
Dec 17, 2012 @ 6:16am

@Crowbeak I might make a video of myself playing it tomorrow if that would help. It seems to crash consistently during the simulations whenever I make a typo, or the next command after I make a typo(?).

Crowbeak says ...
Dec 17, 2012 @ 6:26am

@apophenia Hmm. Alrighty. Thanks for the feedback.

Crowbeak says ...
Dec 17, 2012 @ 6:27am

And if you did the video thing I would love you forever. <3

arch.jslin says ...
Dec 17, 2012 @ 7:11am

What a twisted in the end! I still rated Graphics though, I think the text content can be counted as graphic. :p

aeveis says ...
Dec 17, 2012 @ 7:14am

Very well put together! I enjoyed the story.

SimianLogic says ...
Dec 17, 2012 @ 7:19am

Really well written, but I wish there was a little more control over what happens.

Crowbeak says ...
Dec 17, 2012 @ 7:34am

@arch.jslin Haha, I did spend a decent amount of time on formating the simulation tables. xD

@SimianLogic Yeah, me, too. :( I was running out of time. Had two big branches planned but had to merge them into one ending.

TomK32 says ...
Dec 17, 2012 @ 8:15am

"Time passes. Universes are born and die."
"But your ferret still loves you!"

This game contains some classy lines. Thanks :)

Xymostech says ...
Dec 17, 2012 @ 8:18am

This game was amazing. Gave up the first time when I thought it was going to turn into a robot simulator, and was pleasantly surprised the second time, when I actually made it through.

KhaoTom says ...
Dec 17, 2012 @ 8:26am

I knew there was a twist coming! Didn't expect it to play out like it did. Nice work.

svenardo says ...
Dec 17, 2012 @ 9:58am

Haha, funny. Like these games better with a text parser, but hey, the story is what counts, and this was amusing.

vrav says ...
Dec 17, 2012 @ 10:30am

Nailed it.

Crowbeak says ...
Dec 17, 2012 @ 10:45am

I don't even know what a text parser is, unfortunately. xD I will look into that.

Rex Peppers says ...
Dec 17, 2012 @ 4:14pm

Worth playing to the end, really memorable story for a 48 hour game!

spolvid says ...
Dec 17, 2012 @ 11:31pm

Duuuuuuuuuuuude. What an ending.

Tobias Wehrum says ...
Dec 18, 2012 @ 12:30am

Wow, this escalated quickly. Knowing there'll be a twist made it a bit less surprising and I kinda suspected what the reality is like when I heard what I'm doing for a job, but your writing delivered it superbly so I could still enjoy it! (If "enjoying" is the right word. So cruel.)

(Bonus points for the wordplays and little jokes sprinkled throughout the game.)

h.attila says ...
Dec 18, 2012 @ 1:16am

Well written text adventure. I can't really write much about it without spoiling it, other than it's definitely worth checking out and playing till the end.

31eee384 says ...
Dec 18, 2012 @ 1:37am

Fantastic. Realized what the twist was early on, but you delivered it so well that whether or not I predicted it was irrelevant. Great game.

I did tick you down a bit on "Fun", though--the robot simulation commands felt a little clunky, and made those parts seem a little tedious. There was a relatively long delay between times when I could type in commands--not sure if that's the fault of the windows python packager you used, or intentional. That combined with the "deadly typos" you warn about contributed to that feeling.

Everyone, play this game to its conclusion!

Crowbeak says ...
Dec 18, 2012 @ 1:47am

Some people seem to predict the twist, others don't. I definitely understand dings on the fun stat. Glad you guys like the writing -- I feel like the ending could use some work. xD I finished writing it in the wee hours of the morning, though I had it planned early on. Thanks for playing! <3

Hume says ...
Dec 18, 2012 @ 4:47am

Not a rating comment (I'm going to retry) but I had a "deadly typo" issue on OSX too -- mistyped a command and appeared to get a new simulation with the same number, then a few commands later it crashed.

Hume says ...
Dec 18, 2012 @ 5:23am

Does it make me evil if I played it a second time to see if I could avoid...that thing that happens?


Crowbeak says ...
Dec 18, 2012 @ 11:51am

OH NO! D: Thank you for the heads up.

I meant to make multiple endings, but ran out of time. Future improved versions will have multiple endings.

tompudding says ...
Dec 18, 2012 @ 11:55am

Wow, really really cool. Some very funny lines, and very dark!

zenmumbler says ...
Dec 18, 2012 @ 11:21pm

I rarely play text adventures but this is a great, short and rather horrific one perfect to try out. As to the ending, I guess he could still take a stick and write stuff in the sand...

Crowbeak says ...
Dec 19, 2012 @ 4:34am

He could... except no one could read it.

Crowbeak says ...
Dec 19, 2012 @ 5:16am

I think I found the bug, guys. So far, however, only the Mac version has been recompiled because I am nowhere near my windows PC and won't be for another couple of hours.

Starspell says ...
Dec 19, 2012 @ 3:48pm

The story was quite interesting. However I'm not sure that the player counts as a villain in my eyes, the people that you meet in the second part of the story are much more the villains.

And I'm not sure that they would really put you to work - rather they might as well just kill you.

Interesting concept, well executed.

Crowbeak says ...
Dec 20, 2012 @ 12:00pm

Starspell: I can see that. Definitely a point worth arguing. But if the game makes you think about such things, I still consider the game successful. :D

You're also right that they might just kill you. I was finishing the story at like 1 AM and was thinking more about driving the point home. xD One of my plans for continuing development is to smooth out and add to the story, including multiple endings.

Thanks for your input!

Will Edwards says ...
Dec 21, 2012 @ 9:56am

Excellent! A true 'game' game!

Dec 22, 2012 @ 1:23am

Not a valid win32 application

Crowbeak says ...
Dec 22, 2012 @ 5:50pm

Hmmm... I compiled it in Windows 7. Wonder if that makes a difference.

Dec 22, 2012 @ 8:14pm

This was awesome. Cannot say much without spoiling, but it was a really great game. Congratulations!

Crowbeak says ...
Dec 23, 2012 @ 3:13am

Thank you! :D

Spelchan says ...
Dec 27, 2012 @ 9:23pm

Fun but I correctly predicted the ending when I started my first simulation. Sadly I fear that the reading nature of this game will prevent it from getting played by a lot of people. I would suggest that you could have one or two character shortcuts for the commands. Also, instead of having to type the decommissioned numbers, I would print out the list of unassigned robots and have the player verify that they are to be decommissioned.

Crowbeak says ...
Dec 31, 2012 @ 8:56pm

Yeah, I know the reading will keep a lot of people out, but with my limited skillz, my options were limited. xD Thanks for the suggestions.

GameRespect says ...
Jan 1, 2013 @ 5:07am

Really nice text adventure. Great use of the theme, and insanely funny. Kind of guessed the ending thanks to all the comments saying what a great ending it was, but it was awesome all the same. Nice job!

cardboard says ...
Jan 7, 2013 @ 6:06am

Very intense and engaging. And great storytelling. Your game was a joy to play.

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