August 24th-27th 2012 :: Theme: Evolution

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by Sergey Mohov - 48 Hour Compo Entry




The game is called Dissolution. It doesn't have a genre and combines various elements of platformer, adventure, RPG and puzzle. The protagonist (his name is the Dude) is an amorphous creature with mentality of Max Payne who once wakes up in a cheerful and colorful world and can't stand it the least bit. Dude tries to find his way out and fights various obnoxious unicorns and fairies while trying not to be consumed by this inhospitable environment.

The world is constantly in motion, as black-and-white (part of which is the protagonist) does its best to consolidate its efforts and gather up enough resources to defeat the vicious creatures of light.

As Dude moves across the terrain, he slowly submerges in the flowers and grasses, so the player's task is to find sources of black and gray and munch them to develop some kind of resistance and eventually evolve into something bigger and stronger.

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Haris Mujkic says ...
Aug 26, 2012 @ 11:23pm

Nice art. I was hoping to enter that cave, so hurry up with new levels. :)

krides says ...
Aug 26, 2012 @ 11:32pm

I will! I will add the cave level for LD72, I think (given that I still have some life in me come morning). Thank you for checking it out!

K1NET1K says ...
Aug 27, 2012 @ 2:11am

A very cute pixely look at evolution

Sergey Mohov says ...
Aug 27, 2012 @ 8:34am

Thanks mate :-) Adding more content for the jam as wee speak!

sara.mena says ...
Aug 27, 2012 @ 10:41am

Art is very neat and the game sure is funny to play. But i want MOOOORE!!

Sergey Mohov says ...
Aug 27, 2012 @ 10:56am

Thanks for checking out, and really glad you liked it! I did everything I could in 48 hours, working on level two for the Jam.

I actually worked for full 44 hours of those 48, so I did everything I could :-) But don't you worry, there will be moar!

Andrew says ...
Aug 27, 2012 @ 3:15pm

Took me a while to realize the color was killing me.

Sergey Mohov says ...
Aug 27, 2012 @ 3:36pm

Yeah, I'm thinking about making the first tip more clear. Most people figure it out after a couple of deaths though. Like you did, for instance :-)

Spotline says ...
Aug 28, 2012 @ 3:13am

Very nice ambiance, great art and interesting concept, too bad you didn't have time to do more (and you know you really have to eat a LOT when ludum-dare-ing =P)

Sergey Mohov says ...
Aug 28, 2012 @ 11:07am

Thank you for your kind words :-) I am working on a post-compo version, you can the progress so far right here:

And I'll go make pasta now :P

Thurig says ...
Aug 28, 2012 @ 12:56pm

Looks really good!

Sergey Mohov says ...
Aug 28, 2012 @ 12:58pm

Thanks :-)

JaJ says ...
Aug 28, 2012 @ 4:23pm

Very short but great mood!

Sergey Mohov says ...
Aug 28, 2012 @ 4:24pm

Yeah, I'm going to expand it later :-) It's short because I wanted to make it polished to create the mood. Thank you for playing!

cappelnord says ...
Aug 28, 2012 @ 4:25pm

great mood, great graphics. WAAAY to short :-D but well done!

Aug 28, 2012 @ 4:48pm

I liked the pixel art style, that combined with the audio gave it a nice atmosphere. Would be interested in playing a finished version if you do one

nuria says ...
Aug 28, 2012 @ 5:05pm

Good graphics! Took a while to figure out what to do, you get killed really fast. It was annoying that I had to read that text box every time I played from the start. But seems like a good start to build it from there. :)

Sergey Mohov says ...
Aug 28, 2012 @ 5:21pm

Thank you for playing, y'll. I _will_ continue working on this game. I can assure you, and my jam entry is evidence to that :-)

sev_inf says ...
Aug 28, 2012 @ 6:34pm

Cool graphics. I was glad to play it and will be glad to play a post-compo version if you ever made one.

codesavage says ...
Aug 28, 2012 @ 6:39pm

Pretty short (played the compo version) but I like the direction you're going, it definitely shows promise. I really like the visual style you've got going on here too.

Cake&Code says ...
Aug 28, 2012 @ 6:39pm

Lots of jumping to avoid filling up with color! I think the only time I wasn't jumping was during the quiver cutscene, which you might want to address since the player has no control then. Overall, I too want more levels :)

Sergey Mohov says ...
Aug 28, 2012 @ 7:01pm

@sev_inf @codesavage Thank you guys :-)

@Cake&Code Thank you too :-) The Compo version has a bug where you get filled up with color during cutscenes, which wasn't meant to be and got fixed the next day ;-)

I'll play more games and then continue working on this one :-)

sampyxis says ...
Aug 28, 2012 @ 8:11pm

I really liked this game - I liked the atmosphere - would love to have played more of it!

Sergey Mohov says ...
Aug 28, 2012 @ 9:31pm

@sampyxis Glad you liked it! Is it safe to assume that you have evolved? :-)

ahm99 says ...
Aug 29, 2012 @ 2:19am

It doesn't work when I click. :( any idea what causes this?

Sergey Mohov says ...
Aug 29, 2012 @ 3:24am

Click what?

Yakka says ...
Aug 29, 2012 @ 10:10am

A like the ambiance! But it's so short, it was really frustrating for me :-(

eyehawk says ...
Aug 29, 2012 @ 11:04am

Really cool retro game! After I reached the cave I couldn't seem to progress, but from the comments I guess you're still building it

Sergey Mohov says ...
Aug 29, 2012 @ 2:32pm

@Yakka Sorry, I did the best I could >_< This mechanic doesn't exactly take an hour to implement, so I had to make some choices as to what should be in priority: a short chunk of gameplay that plays nicely or a bigger one that feels "prototypey." I am working on it, though, so, hopefully, you will hear more from me ;-)

@eyehawk Thanks! Yeah, the compo version ends at the cave, the jam version end in the cave.

DaveDobson says ...
Aug 29, 2012 @ 8:57pm

Neat start; I really like the artwork, and the theme is mysterious and engaging. You might want to make the green color more obviously hostile (red, purple, brown, icky); I didn't know it was hurting me until I died, and then the message was that I'd lost color, even though it seemed like I was accumulating it. I found myself having difficulty clicking when it said click, and in distinguishing the different items; the white stuff gave me XP, and some of it reduced my color level, but I didn't really know what the flowers did. So, cool stuff, but not so much of a game yet.

onehappygiant says ...
Aug 29, 2012 @ 8:57pm

I think you need to change the wording to "Press" instead of "Click" because I, too, tried clicking where it was telling me to. Great game though! Excited to see what you do post compo with it.

cadin says ...
Aug 29, 2012 @ 9:02pm

The artwork is really nice. I don't understand what I'm supposed to do though. Is the cave the end of the game? Did I win?
At first I found it REALLY confusing when the arrow said "CLICK". I kept clicking it with my mouse and couldn't figure out how to click it.

Sergey Mohov says ...
Aug 29, 2012 @ 9:26pm

Okay, I get it, "click" is not a synonym of "press." I meant press, I'm sorry, okay? :-)

The reason I wrote "click" is that it was 5 o'clock in the morning and I'd been working on this game for about 35 hours non-stop. I'll fix that, obviously. And you are supposed to press down like on an icon above the thing, so it's not really that unobvious :-) And yeah, cave's it for now.

@cadin yeah, you won :-)

You should expect this game to eventually grow big, epic and full. Just stay tuned and thank you all for playing!

juaxix says ...
Aug 30, 2012 @ 12:54am

NEed more contennnnnnnnnnnnt! :~D

Sergey Mohov says ...
Aug 30, 2012 @ 1:02am

Okay guys, has anyone here seen Indie Game the Movie? Well, if you did, you'll get the referece: I'm kind of beginning to feel like Phil Fish here, except I didn't win IGF and get a grant from Canadian government, and haven't been working on this game for 4 years :-)

Anyway, thanks a lot for playing!

Mach60KAS says ...
Aug 30, 2012 @ 1:06am

I quite liked this, the Dude is quite an endearing fellow. :) I think the idea of a black and white character in a colourful world is really quite interesting, and it seems like this could be a really good game if you had more time to work on it! :)

Sergey Mohov says ...
Aug 30, 2012 @ 1:18am

@Mach60KAS You've got it all wrong! It's not "if," "could" and "had," it's "when," "can" and "will have" ;-) Thank you for playing, anyhow, glad you like the Dude :-)

danlthemanl says ...
Aug 30, 2012 @ 3:55am

I really liked this game! the art is wonderful.

jijaweb says ...
Aug 30, 2012 @ 8:55am

Good game. A little bit short maybe.

amidos2006 says ...
Aug 30, 2012 @ 9:21am

Nice game :)

michax says ...
Aug 30, 2012 @ 12:43pm

Nice one! Jumping was a little strange but loved pixel art! Also great background audio!

Sergey Mohov says ...
Aug 30, 2012 @ 2:10pm

Thank you guys! Yeah, jumping was implemented fast and without giving it much thought, frankly. Will be fixed, thanks for feedback!

Gungnir says ...
Aug 30, 2012 @ 2:22pm

I was disappointed by the abrupt ending :( Hope to see more of this later.

angrygeometry says ...
Aug 30, 2012 @ 3:20pm

this felt very atmospheric, and it seems like you put a lot of work into it. looking forward to seeing how it develops.

Zed says ...
Aug 30, 2012 @ 4:20pm

Obviously very short, but really well-made. Gonna go play the Jam entry now, see how things progress!

zx81 says ...
Aug 30, 2012 @ 7:48pm

nice work.

Aug 30, 2012 @ 9:20pm

The jam version really improves a lot on the compo version, I like the idea you've got behind it and I can see it being really compelling if you get chance to develop it even more.

monkeymad2 says ...
Aug 30, 2012 @ 9:29pm

Nice, would probably pay for the full version of this.
The few problems pointed out by other people (Jumping, 'click' instead of 'press') don't distract from the lovely mood.

BMacIntosh says ...
Aug 31, 2012 @ 12:22am

Great game idea, and really cool art. Perhaps some kind of animation of the pixels flying from the landscape onto you would help make the mechanic more understandable.

infernet89 says ...
Aug 31, 2012 @ 9:21am

Too short for a real judgement.

Andy Go says ...
Aug 31, 2012 @ 12:05pm

Nice idea (as everyone said, sad this is so short, we'd like to play more ^-^).

feyleaf says ...
Aug 31, 2012 @ 2:35pm

I only played the 48-hour version, so that's what I am judging.

I was a little bit lost in the game, not knowing what the things were that I was picking up, and dying the first time through. It also ends abruptly, before I even had time to figure out what was going on. I understand you wanted to fit a certain mood, but I'm sorry that I didn't find it.
I wish you the best in the future for this game and others.

vigrid says ...
Aug 31, 2012 @ 4:28pm

More! Give us more! The sound is nice and the graphics do their job.

matheod says ...
Aug 31, 2012 @ 4:39pm

Take me a time to understand how it work but funny game ;)

Sergey Mohov says ...
Aug 31, 2012 @ 5:38pm

Thank you for playing, everyone! I'm seeing some really great suggestions for the game, and I will make sure to make the appropriate changes to Dissolution in future. I think I'm going to extend my jamming to one month and see if I can come up with a fully playable demo for IGF in time for submission.

Evil Cult says ...
Aug 31, 2012 @ 7:30pm

At some point the camera stopped following with the character. I'm assuming that's a bug and that I didn't do something wrong?

Sergey Mohov says ...
Aug 31, 2012 @ 8:21pm

@Evil Cult Yep, that's a bug that has already been fixed post-compo. Sorry about that.

tcstyle says ...
Aug 31, 2012 @ 8:58pm

'The colour went out of me' while I am filled with green? Strange.
I really like the basic idea, but there are too few grey stuff to collect to make it work. The enlarged pixelated look is really nice.

Sep 1, 2012 @ 2:59am

So I went ahead and tried the compo version. Took me awhile to figure out how to survive longer. I had to read some comments to figure it out. The concept is interesting which I believe can be improved upon. Maybe a helpful tip is to make sure that the feedback is easier to notice, on my first try, I was walking and assumed that the changing of colors is part of the gimmick. I didn't know that it was already hurting me. :D

Sergey Mohov says ...
Sep 1, 2012 @ 10:42am

Thank you for playing, guys, and thank you for the feedback, I'm taking it all into consideration as I'm working on the next version of the game.

SusanTheCat says ...
Sep 1, 2012 @ 3:44pm

Cute but short. I though the "click" message meant that I was to mouse click on what the arrow was pointing to.

MurrayL says ...
Sep 1, 2012 @ 4:12pm

Fascinating concept - it's a shame you didn't get to do more with it in the time allowed!

I hope you continue to work on it :)

alvivar says ...
Sep 1, 2012 @ 4:38pm

I really want to know what happens in the cave! Nice music and art!

Sep 1, 2012 @ 11:50pm

Your game is sure short, but quite promising. I like your basic idea of black and white. The pixel art and music are nice.
I thought I had to click and not press the down key too...
Good job anyway.

(Also, don't forget to remove https for the dropbox link for the jam version ;))

azurenimbus says ...
Sep 2, 2012 @ 4:37am

I love how it plays and feels. It seems really promising, it's a shame it's so short. I haven't tried the post-compo but will soon!

Good job!

yosh says ...
Sep 2, 2012 @ 11:16pm

I don't really know what to say. This game looks really great but is unfortunately unfinished. You have done something great so far, that's a very good point. Try to continue this game later and post an update on the home page :)

MunkeeBacon says ...
Sep 4, 2012 @ 7:00am

This game is so FREAKING GREAT! I love everything about it, and just its general vibe.
I cannot wait to see the game more complete and will be playing it for sure!

Sep 5, 2012 @ 12:57am

Nice job with the ambient sounds and love the art style! Could've been longer though but I understand how you were pressed for time! :D

Haddy22 says ...
Sep 5, 2012 @ 4:55pm

A good start- not much to play though. Has potential with the upgrade path options etc. could make for a fun little adventure game

darkshadow says ...
Sep 5, 2012 @ 8:07pm

I can understand why Dude can't stand the world if its trying to kill him. Interesting little game.

savethejets1 says ...
Sep 8, 2012 @ 7:10pm

Cool mood.

Desi Quintans says ...
Sep 8, 2012 @ 9:43pm

Using the word 'click' is incredibly misleading. Make the key prompts look more like keys and you can remove the word altogether.

DWallin says ...
Sep 14, 2012 @ 2:42am

It's very pretty with a great sound track but it doesn't quite make sense, is far too short and being forced to jump in order to not die isn't explained at all. Not to mention all the items that aren't explained at all.

I was really excited when the game first started and was a bit dissapointed. Overall I feel your ambition for this game was above and beyond what you were able to put out in time for the compo but I hope you will keep working on it and I can't wait to see where you take it.

goerp says ...
Sep 15, 2012 @ 3:32pm

A good start, but the compo version was indeed a bit short.
At the jame version I found out what the evolution bit was.

pardue says ...
Sep 15, 2012 @ 6:05pm

Looks promising... although very short. But compelled me to play the jam version as well so kudos... :)

thewiseguy99 says ...
Sep 16, 2012 @ 6:53pm

Smooth game, liked it but yes like everyone else it was too short to get a really feel for it. I think it has a lot of potential. I really liked the art.

tomhunt says ...
Sep 18, 2012 @ 12:58am

I kept dying for some reason I could never figure out.

nate427 says ...
Sep 18, 2012 @ 2:44pm

You are #1 in coolness.

In all of Cool city, you are the coolest cat around.

Sergey Mohov says ...
Sep 18, 2012 @ 4:41pm

Hahahahaha :D

ahm99 says ...
Sep 22, 2012 @ 10:33pm

Oh man. I wish I had found out during the compo that click meant press. I just now saw your post. I would have rated it :( It was a pretty cool game though.

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