August 24th-27th 2012 :: Theme: Evolution

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Sidescroller Evolution

by Kassoon - Jam Entry

This Ludum Dare I mainly felt like drawing, so I did.

The first time through is for real, then it's all bonus and forever.

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Materie says ...
Aug 28, 2012 @ 12:18am

Quite a bit too long levels compared to how repetitive they get. Make the levels shorter, so that one failure does not equate to a lot of repetition. Stopped at the flying level due to a collision a long way in. Did not feel like doing all of that all over again.

Other than that: Great mood and music. Really soothing.

Aug 28, 2012 @ 1:33am

Fly free foxy fly free

turkwise says ...
Aug 28, 2012 @ 3:37am

Made me feel sad. :(

hamster_mk_4 says ...
Aug 28, 2012 @ 3:44am

Some check points would be nice. Remember we didn't spend an entire weekend making an mastering the controls.

pereubu says ...
Aug 28, 2012 @ 8:05am

quite depressing thanks to the music, the ambiance is very neat. I have nothing more to say than what was said up there.
Nice job :D

eyehawk says ...
Aug 28, 2012 @ 12:47pm

Really cool chilled out game! The "painted" style graphics blew me away, and the music was nice. The only recommendation I have is to have way points so you don't have to start right from the beginning.

Pixelulsar says ...
Aug 28, 2012 @ 3:21pm

The game was cool, and the music sounded very nice. I thought the fox growing wings was funny. Checkpoints would be nice even though I only died on the first level.

TinyHat says ...
Aug 28, 2012 @ 10:19pm

Best game I tried so far. Loved the music, the mecanics, it's fun and goes so well with the theme! :)

Aug 28, 2012 @ 11:16pm

The background music is really wonderful, I liked the Zen autoscrolling first level.

The second part was a little harder with dodgy collision detection for enemies, but good show all around!

Kassoon says ...
Aug 28, 2012 @ 11:33pm

Added a version with checkpoints for funsies

Kassoon says ...
Aug 28, 2012 @ 11:37pm

@TinyHat - your comment got me out of my post-LD funk, so thanks a lot for that

Aug 29, 2012 @ 7:46am

Lovely presentation!

Not sure climbing obstacles works gameplay-wise. The character just stops, so it's not really a choice or any difficult.

shayl says ...
Aug 29, 2012 @ 3:13pm

very chill game, I love that about it. The art is beautiful, the music is great, and it's fun.

davisan says ...
Aug 29, 2012 @ 5:32pm

Very nice! I liked the graphics, music, mood. The controls are very good. I couldn't reach the end. I stopped at the part with wings and three lives. Maybe I'll try again later.

NostraDamon says ...
Aug 29, 2012 @ 6:31pm

Very relaxing, I like the music and the mood!

Jorjon says ...
Aug 29, 2012 @ 9:56pm

Nice mood :) The first part gets a little long, though.

Volute says ...
Aug 30, 2012 @ 12:01am

Really nice game, nice music, graphics, and great mood !
That little fox is really sweet. Sometimes you wonder how those dogs get stuck on these platforms :)
What a nice surprise when you do that final jump on level 2 and the fox suddenly grows wings and starts to fly !
That's just a very tiny detail, but I would find it a lot more comfortable if you could control the character with with the arrow keys instead of A & D. It was a little tiring for the hand.
Great job !

zakchaos says ...
Aug 30, 2012 @ 3:19am

artistic, beautiful, and relaxing, you really captured a great mood here very atmospheric!

Maple says ...
Aug 30, 2012 @ 6:34am

Woah, butterfly fox. :o

Andy Go says ...
Aug 31, 2012 @ 12:15pm

Realy liked the atmosphere ...

DalsGames says ...
Aug 31, 2012 @ 3:26pm

Fun little game, liked the graphics :D

brother.byto says ...
Aug 31, 2012 @ 5:47pm

Background music is really amazing.

harusame says ...
Aug 31, 2012 @ 11:20pm

I like your game, graphics are pretty and the mood is good :)

I love your music =)
I would like to use the arrows keys.

csanyk says ...
Sep 1, 2012 @ 2:30pm

Really great, one of the best LD 24 entries I've played so far.

Teknik says ...
Sep 1, 2012 @ 7:00pm

great game. love how the way you score changes as the gameplay changes.

Syarahsy says ...
Sep 2, 2012 @ 9:17am

Beautiful game.

thewiseguy99 says ...
Sep 2, 2012 @ 6:42pm

What a fun little game! One of the best I have played/rated. Graphics are great, liked the music. The controls were easy and responsive, nice atmosphere. Yes, a few more checkpoints would have been good, but hey you did fantastic for only 72hrs. Great job!!!!!

munchor says ...
Sep 16, 2012 @ 8:37pm

As @Materie said, make levels shorter, the graphics and audio are brilliant.

someone says ...
Sep 17, 2012 @ 12:42am

Beautiful game. The music works really well and the art is great.
The first level is my favourite. The flying level is nice for the mood, but you don't have to do much to beat it, just stay at the top.

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