August 24th-27th 2012 :: Theme: Evolution

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Schrodinger's Kittens

by IQpierce - 48 Hour Compo Entry

I do think the gameplay turned out to be relevant to the theme of Evolution... but, obviously, I was hoping that the theme would be "1000 Kittens", because I actually just really wanted to make this game for a while. Or I should say, explore this mechanic, and see where it went. It went somewhere interesting I think; I hope you enjoy it.

To play, press any key.

I might be disqualified because I didn't make the music myself, though it IS in the public domain. But I only spent 7-8 hours on this game all told, so no big loss if so.

Special thanks to:
Will Swannack
Wade-Hahn Chan
Loren Hoffman
Will Hubbell

Music from

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junior says ...
Aug 27, 2012 @ 2:59am

aaaawesome !!!!
What if you put random rainbow color on kittens, or even random color !
Maybe click to make them jump too !
You should definately make a high score board !!
one of the best game so far !
Late for submitting so I can't vote but you'd get 5stars

diki says ...
Aug 28, 2012 @ 6:58pm

Cool idea! I like the two-tiered motivation that crops up: first, save the red kitten as long as possible - afterwards, save just any kitten :)

By the way, you could mention Zynga more often :/ Seriously though, I'm here for your game, not your employment history.

Mclogenog says ...
Aug 28, 2012 @ 6:58pm

A fun little game! The control of multiple characters reminds me of passagebalt, but more forgiving. There might be something to explore in the way a sine wave forms from offset jumping groups. And it wouldn't be too difficult to throw in slightly random variation to speed and jump height and select mutations in favor of longer survival rates; then it'd be evolution-y. Some cat-relevant artwork (rooftops and fences?) and hoards of meow sounds, and this would be amazing.

IQpierce says ...
Sep 2, 2012 @ 12:04am

Great feedback, the suggestions were all things I wanted to explore ... Maybe I will someday.

diki, yeah, I apologize for even mentioning Zynga. FWIW I was just trying to get more than 3 comments/feedback? But there are better ways to do thy than trying to capitalize on a completely unrelated notoriety. LD is pretty close to a meritocracy - the game is all that matters. And to be honest I don't and to be known as the Zynga guy. So point taken re: that over-beaten horse. :)

savethejets1 says ...
Sep 15, 2012 @ 5:15am

Didn't load for me.

johnfn says ...
Sep 15, 2012 @ 5:23am

IQpierce, if you want to get more reviews, than review more games. It's that simple! :)

The game is interesting conceptually, but the best strategy after a certain point is to just hold down the jump key, so it does lack some depth. I couldn't really see a tie to the theme, and you probably should have made it a jam game since you used public domain audio, but I don't think it makes a huge difference (I just marked you as N/A on audio). I really like Mclogenog's suggestions, you should look into those :)

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