August 24th-27th 2012 :: Theme: Evolution

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No Tap Enis

by Nile - Jam Entry

Click on any of the links to play it in your browser. Built on Html5 Canvas. Works best in Chrome.

Play as a stick and try to hit circles. More specifically, run through them. See what happens when you do.

Objective: Get a huge, fat stick.

W = Forwards
A = Rotate Left
S = Backwards
D = Rotate Right

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Cake&Code says ...
Aug 28, 2012 @ 4:07pm

I really wish the stick had a facing indicator, I know that the obvious "move forward" action will let you know which way you face but having to do that to find out feels odd. Despite being more like growth than evolution, it would be nice if the thickness of the stick and perhaps not just the middles but the full length of the stick could hit the circles. Interesting entry!

Aug 29, 2012 @ 3:31am

Very interesting name... oh, did I say interesting? I meant to say hilarious. The game is very inappropriate, thank you sir.

gnx says ...
Aug 29, 2012 @ 6:37am

I awarded you some humor points for the name :D
Not much to be said about the game, you are a stick that gets thicker..wait that doesn't sound good either ;P

benderbinary says ...
Aug 30, 2012 @ 1:25am

finally - a huge fat stick! :D

Peltast says ...
Aug 30, 2012 @ 1:33am

As Cake&Code says, it would've been good if the whole width of the stick could hit circles. As is, getting bigger is actually a hindrance, not a boon, since it simply becomes harder to judge where the middle is.

That said, props for infusing sexual innuendo with basic geometric shapes. :P

Aug 30, 2012 @ 1:51am

I don't even have words for this one.

daydalus says ...
Aug 30, 2012 @ 2:11am

The visual style and controls scheme were certainly interesting.

zatyka says ...
Aug 30, 2012 @ 2:36am

The controls and style were interesting. I'm not sure if there was a goal, but I stopped when I got up to 1000.

Aug 30, 2012 @ 4:03am

Stars for humor

hgcummings says ...
Aug 31, 2012 @ 10:54pm

Good use of canvas. I actually like that the stick gets harder to manoeuver as it gets bigger, although there should be some corresponding advantage as well. Maybe the other sticks that get created should damage you if you hit them, and perhaps even start chasing you? - Then being bigger could allow you to take more damage, and it would give the game an end condition.

Nile says ...
Aug 31, 2012 @ 11:02pm

@hgcummings The sticks that you see spinning around were intended to do something but I ended up not having the time to work on it for more than a few hours when the competition was going on, so I didn't quite finish that. I like your idea of the sticks chasing you, I had thought of them damaging you but not chasing. When I work on it again I will definitely use your suggestions, thanks. =D

pighead10 says ...
Aug 31, 2012 @ 11:15pm

There wasn't really any element of a challenge, but it was slightly interesting. Was expecting slightly more from a Jam entry, and I can't see anything on your journal, but it appears that you must have struggled! Awesome name.

Nile says ...
Aug 31, 2012 @ 11:21pm

Well the struggle was time. Had about 5 hours. lol.

ned366 says ...
Sep 1, 2012 @ 3:02am

Fun game. I laughed a bit while playing. Then I realized five minutes had gone by and i was still playing. I know that cross-browser HTML5 audio is difficult to implement but sound would be a nice addition. Cool, simple mechanic though. I played until my score reached 395. Nice work!

yosh says ...
Sep 2, 2012 @ 5:03pm

+1 for the game name and description

Lacutis says ...
Sep 4, 2012 @ 12:43am

Amusing game. I wish there was something more to it. I'm not sure what but something.
Anyway, nice entry :)

DaveDobson says ...
Sep 7, 2012 @ 5:38am

Not much to this, but fun nonetheless. I had a good time running around and growing. The collision detection seemed somewhat insensitive - you had to really go all the way through a guy, sometimes a couple times, to register a hit. Definitely the best Objective description in all of LD24 ("Get a huge, fat stick.").

thewiseguy99 says ...
Sep 14, 2012 @ 11:27pm

Simple and relaxing! Interesting concept.

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