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Player 2, start!

by GSM Productions - Jam Entry

The game is packaged as a single executable on all platforms (except MacOS, it is a zipped .app). You can double-click, and the executable will fetch Panda3D and launch the game.

"Player 1 and Player 2 are brothers. Player 1 always was the braver one, he always willingly set for new adventures, as opposed to Player 2, more shy and reserved. Player 1 and 2 just finished their game, and Player 1 only wish for one thing : explore a new world! Player 2 isn't sure that's a good idea, and try to change Player 1's mind. But too late : Player 1 leaves on his own.
Player 2 begins to seriously worry as his brother doesn't seem to come back. Maybe it's time for him to be the hero and go help Player 1...
And that's how Player 2 will embark on a journey which will show him how much video games have changed throughout the years, not always for the best. Maybe Player 2 will be able to find a better place for him and his brother to live as video game characters."

Unfortunately, we couldn't finish on time (no dialogs, no transitions between levels,...) and are only able to provide the source code.
It is tryable, though.
Thanks for those who'll be bold enough to test it! :)

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MegaBrutal says ...
Aug 28, 2012 @ 11:18am

Finally I downloaded everything needed to run the game (I think), but it fails with this:

Traceback (most recent call last):
File "", line 152, in <module>
app = LudumGame(god)
File "", line 58, in __init__
File "", line 75, in spawnPlayer
self.player = Player(self.floor_handler,god=self.god)
File "C:\Temp\player2_start\ld24_src\", line 78, in __init__
self.textures = self.loadTextureMovie(6, 'models/Marche_', 'png', padding = 2)
File "C:\Temp\player2_start\ld24_src\", line 158, in loadTextureMovie
for i in range(frames)]
File "D:\Panda3D-1.7.2\direct\showbase\", line 533, in loadTexture
raise IOError, message
IOError: Could not load texture: models/Marche_01.png

Maybe you forgot to include that file, or is there something I'm doing wrong?

"god" - LOL. Never used Python, guess it's an internal variable.

SiENcE says ...
Aug 28, 2012 @ 2:14pm

Nice graphics, but well it's no useable game. Anyway you should make a post compo Version :).

Aug 29, 2012 @ 7:12am

@MegaBrutal : Thanks for the bug report, we were really busy sleeping yesterday, but I'm going to check what's wrong with this file (it shouldn't even be loaded). As for "god", it's because we implemented a "god mode" for debugging purposes :D

@SiENcE : Thanks! It's planned. Also, today I'll be trying to make an executable out of what we have so far. You can definitely go through the five levels, with ennemies and a certain number of stars to collect in each. So it's more or less a game? :D

Aug 29, 2012 @ 7:20am

@MegaBrutal : It's fixed! You should now be able to launch the game :)

Kinokochan says ...
Aug 29, 2012 @ 8:06pm

For being incomplete, this is a very nice game!
I like the different worlds, and the pixel art is impressive!

I'm getting an error when I die for the first time that permanently disables the UI. After dying once, the health and star completion graphics no longer display. It persists between worlds, too.
Also ran into one hard crash, which also put me back to the beginning. Not sure what triggered it, though.

I may pick it up again later, since I would love to see the later worlds! I'm just finding it challenging to complete levels without seeing my star count.
Nice work overall though!

Aug 30, 2012 @ 6:11am

(I'm one of the developer)

@Kinokochan : Thanks ! We know about the UI disappearing, it's unfortunately a bug that was introduced in the last hour or so, when we tried to put together the transition between levels... :( To help you see the other worlds, you can use a cheat, if you launch the game via a command prompt with "-g" (like "p2start.exe -g"), you'll enable "god mode", and you won't take damage or die in pits. The game is fairly hard (especially level 2), so that can help ^^;

Raptor85 says ...
Sep 1, 2012 @ 8:46am

takes foreeeeeever to start up, and when it did i thought it was frozen until i realized it used wasd to control. Some parts i like some i don't, a lot of the graphics are really nice but even within a single area they're very inconsistant, like the pixelated bars with the hand drawn snake going in front of it, and the gradiant shads used to quickly fill in a lot of things. The actual controls unfortunatly i thought was the biggest downfall, it's not the worst but the jumping physics combined with platforms not QUITE lining up with their hitboxes (worst in level 3) meant you often took damage or died when you clearly made the jump, this was made worse by the acceleration and the camera actually making it pretty hard to see where you were going, as it snapped around pretty violently as you went up or down. It really could have used more emphasis on the gameplay even if some of the levels would have had to be cut.

Sep 1, 2012 @ 3:24pm

@Raptor85 : Thaks for the comments. Level 2 in particular takes indeed way too much time to load up. To be honest, we kinda had to decide at the end if we wanted to focus more on tightening up what we had included, or try to hack in as much 'content' as possible. We obviously chose the latter, because we wanted all the members of the team to get at least a glimpse of the result of their work in the submitted game. If it had been a compo enty, the opposite choice would've been made.

Thank you for taking the time to try it though, any and all constructive criticism we can get is much appreciated. We've started working on a post-LD version already, so we'll be sure to improve on the areas you stated!

gritfish says ...
Sep 2, 2012 @ 2:14am

Graphics/character animations are great. Bottles were a pain to make out against the background though. How do you get to the second level? I just kept running right until I hit a wall.

Sep 2, 2012 @ 7:14am

@gritfish : You need to collect enough stars (45 in the first level), before going to the right end of the level. Unfortunately, a bug makes the GUI elements (like the life and star counter) disappear when you die :\ Sorry about that!

Adhesion says ...
Sep 17, 2012 @ 3:08am

Great graphics but the super slow acceleration makes the platforming pretty frustrating. If this were the sort of game where you had to get to the end of the level as fast as possible it would work, but having to explore everything like that is really hard.

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