August 24th-27th 2012 :: Theme: Evolution

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by Jimbobblue - Jam Entry

Created with Scratch + ChirpCompiler.
Click the planet to start, wasd to move. Red for health, blue for power, you win by killing the enemy (black blob).

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Spaceoff says ...
Aug 27, 2012 @ 8:52am

My guess is that you're new to game making. That's cool, we all start somewhere, and it's a good game for a beginner. However I rate every game with respect to the other entries, so, sorry I have to be so very harsh in the following review:

Gameplay... gameplay... Sorry but, there are so many things you could have done, or added, even in scratch, that could've improved the gameplay. Like, for a start, being able to hold down the movement keys to continue moving in that direction.
The "goal", I'll be honest, I can't ever seem to achieve, since the "black blob" hovers around the red and blue uh... things all the time. Health seems useless, since if you're hit, it always 1-hit kills me anyway, and power doesn't seem to do anything but my guess is that getting enough wins the game?

Graphically, I've seen worse, believe me, but this is rather shabby. I've used scratch (against my will) for a few days so I know what it's like trying to make things in its default editor so I can sympathise, but that won't affect my overall judgement: flat colours, very basic vector graphics, white squares vs black squares, dog-like... things...

Audio gets an N/A since there is none. Mood gets N/A since, to be fair, there is none. And humor, well, that's about the highest rating you'll get.

tigerj says ...
Aug 29, 2012 @ 2:31am

Not really sure what the controls are or what is going on. I click the planet, see two dog things a block and then lose. Please update the game page with a paragraph about what is going on and I will come back and play more. Thanks.

chuchino says ...
Aug 29, 2012 @ 3:05am

I don't know if not being able to see the enemy's health and power is intentional or you just didn't have time to add it, but it makes the game much more interesting. You have to observe its movements and guess what the right time to attack is, and quickly back away if you find yourself overpowered. That's a really neat idea. But it is not executed very well in this game, since the movement is awkward and the visual feedback when you get hit or hit the enemy is very poor (you have to watch the tiny numbers in the corner carefully).

jprogman says ...
Sep 14, 2012 @ 9:53pm

Controls are delayed a bit, which made the game a tad difficult to win. I do like the idea for powering-up by overlapping moving... dogs? (Using my imagination.) I suppose petting those dogs would make you better, heh. :)

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