Ludum Dare 24 Warmup

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by fr_automatik - Warmup Entry

Well, It's my warm-up.
I took a random name in the whole list ( and had "Exploration" . So, I made this .
It's a game where you explore the world around you .
It's only the first day of my warm-up, so, It's incomplete .
It has :
- An Island!
- Trees!
- A House!
- An Inventory!(Press I)
- Animated water!
- A invisible, unreadable book. (Go see the table in the house, and press "space")
- Particles!
- You can jump! ("space")
- You can swim!
- Sounds!
You need love2d ( to run the game.

EDIT: Here is the 2nd version!
Now with:
- Music!
- Ending!
- Title Screen!
- Ennemys!
- Boxes!
- More Objects!

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