April 20th-23rd 2012 :: 10 Year Anniversary! :: Theme: Tiny World

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Bunny Simulator

by rylowry - 48 Hour Compo Entry

Bunny Simulator is complete! Explore the lush, tiny world of a bunny.

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mikolalysenko says ...
Apr 23, 2012 @ 8:00pm

Can't play, linux :(

Apr 23, 2012 @ 8:06pm

Very nice graphics. I wish I could make art like that.

ghRibacki says ...
Apr 27, 2012 @ 4:01pm

I think you are an awesome artist! Sum that up with good game designing and you will be at the top of the world! I also acknowledge the hard work you must have been through to learn how to use those C++ libraries (I wouldn't have the same persistence). Excellent job. =)

realgenius says ...
Apr 28, 2012 @ 2:51am

Well, at least the graphics are nice! Just wish there was more to it. Would like to see where this goes? Rabbits love lettuce and other veg. Maybe you could turn it into some kind of a maze/collect quest? Falling down rabbit holes perhaps?

rylowry says ...
Apr 28, 2012 @ 11:29am

Thanks for look at this little "game" everyone. I'm still working on it after the competition. I agree, there really isn't much to it, but I started on it with absolutely zero foresight. I'm going to add in some carrot (and other assorted vegetable) collecting, and some opponents.

armornick says ...
May 1, 2012 @ 6:12am

The art looks really good. The concept is interesting, too, though it's still a bit incomplete.
Please don't lock WASD, though.

free_napalm says ...
May 1, 2012 @ 3:09pm

Amazing graphics! Reminded me of the animated film Watership Down :)
I just wish there was something to do, e.g eating as much lettuce as possible before a bird of prey catches you.

Terra says ...
May 13, 2012 @ 4:50am

I kept seeing this whenever I wanted to search to see how many ratings my own game had gotten :P Glad I finally got to play it, really well animated walk cycle. I escaped off the edge of the world, haha.

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