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    Ludum Dare 23

    April 20th-23rd 2012 :: 10 Year Anniversary! :: Theme: Tiny World

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    Ant In Training - Syntaxide - 48 Hour Compo Entry

    This is an adventure / puzzle game. As such, I don't want to say too much in risk of spoiling it.

    If you need help, check out the data folder. My maps are png images that get parsed to generate the maps. They should be rather revealing...

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    Syntaxide says ...
    Apr 23, 2012 @ 1:53am

    Also, there's a makefile included so Mac/Linux users with a bit of know-how should also be able to play.

    lanoiadimuu says ...
    Apr 23, 2012 @ 4:59pm

    I played back and forth levels a couple times, taking stuff and the likes. But I never seen an end screen, did i miss something?

    Syntaxide says ...
    Apr 23, 2012 @ 6:23pm

    There's a cat in each level. Something special happens with that.

    What did you think of the game though?

    lasseastrup says ...
    Apr 23, 2012 @ 7:34pm

    Who doesnt like teleporting ants? The game could use some sound effects and perhaps some music.
    I'm pretty sure i got all the cats, but nothing happened?
    But the game was solid and straight forward - good job

    Dakota says ...
    Apr 23, 2012 @ 7:45pm

    Fun Little game. +1 for making it using SDL

    Collected all the cats (I think) and nothing happened came up with you felt(or heard cant remember) a disturbance.

    Syntaxide says ...
    Apr 23, 2012 @ 8:04pm

    After getting all the cats, you'll want to look around more on the level where you first get teleportation...

    mikolalysenko says ...
    Apr 23, 2012 @ 8:10pm

    Can't play on linux :(

    Syntaxide says ...
    Apr 23, 2012 @ 10:48pm

    Sure you can. I actually developed it on linux. Just grab it from github and make.

    JaJ says ...
    Apr 23, 2012 @ 11:08pm

    I liked the teleporting puzzles. I didn't realise there was actually a reason to go back other than a backup for when you get stuck until I read the comments.

    ericdpitts says ...
    Apr 24, 2012 @ 12:25am

    Fun, interesting mechanics here! Nice work!

    Nilmrots says ...
    Apr 24, 2012 @ 12:34am

    Very cool, fun, creative game.
    It was confusing at times, and it could use some sound.
    I found all the cats and got to the final area, but I couldn't figure out what to do with it.

    Syntaxide says ...
    Apr 24, 2012 @ 2:25am

    There should be a "You Win" message at the very end. Collecting all the starts removes a rock in the cat shrine, allowing you to tele to the star.

    Apr 26, 2012 @ 9:19pm

    I enjoyed what you did with the teleporting, but I'm pretty sure I got all of the cats and couldn't find anything special (I explored the entire level where you get the teleporting) Could've used more sounds, and I wish the ant just always ran... Also, since when can ants teleport XD Joking aside, I really enjoyed the game. :)

    Apr 26, 2012 @ 9:31pm

    Very clever puzzles here. Good fun to play. Sometimes a little frustrating. I'm not quite sure whether I won or not. I reached the gold star south of the cat shaped thing but nothing happened. I wasn't able to collect the green cats above the gold star though so maybe I was missing something. Still, very entertaining.

    seagaia says ...
    Apr 27, 2012 @ 4:12am

    I thought your concepts of the game were done well. You should work a bit on your sound and art though!

    emongev says ...
    Apr 29, 2012 @ 7:58pm

    I think this had great promise, but what annoyed me personally was the stiffness of movement of the ant, even being a puzzler you couldve made the ant move a bit faster (and even faster with shift) since i frustrated me to be in a labyrinth and seeing the path ahead of me and not being able to play it quickly. Besides that great job with the graphics, and theme. Also, some elevator background music wouldve been great. =)

    davisan says ...
    Apr 29, 2012 @ 7:58pm

    Nice game. I finished it! "You win" :D

    Andrew says ...
    Apr 30, 2012 @ 8:51pm

    he puzzles were interesting though the teleportation was a bit sudden and confusing.

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