December 16th-19th 2011 :: Theme: Alone

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Lost Kitties

by Stirlando - 48 Hour Compo Entry

Made with XNA Game Studio 4.0, Paint.NET. and Sketchbook express for the iPad.

Student at the University of Derby

Or if I can get more people to follow me on Twitter I will start to tweet more lol @LandoGames :P

Game is called CatGame in the XNA project. is the .NET framework I think. is the XNA framework

Added a .zip version of the same game (Hope this is allowed)

Downloads and Links




Doft says ...
Dec 19, 2011 @ 4:46pm

Says I need the .NET framework, please add a download link to the description...

Stirlando says ...
Dec 19, 2011 @ 8:28pm

Added :P Hope it's the right links

Dietrich Epp says ...
Dec 20, 2011 @ 11:10am

:-( I'd play it if it were ZIP instead of RAR.

Stirlando says ...
Dec 20, 2011 @ 1:01pm

Hi Dierich, I have added a zip version for you, nothing in the game had changed so I hope this is ok

Dietrich Epp says ...
Dec 21, 2011 @ 1:16am

Thanks! I can play it now.

Stirlando says ...
Dec 21, 2011 @ 6:27am

Hope you enjoyed it :)

The Jahn says ...
Dec 21, 2011 @ 6:40am

Interesting concept, wish there were more levels though.

Stirlando says ...
Dec 21, 2011 @ 1:31pm

I wish I had more time to add levels. I was going to make Easy, Medium and Hard, levels, but just ran out of time.

Thanks for the feedback though! :)

Pierrec says ...
Jan 3, 2012 @ 7:33am

Good concept! I think I would prefer more difficults levels without timer. But that's great for 48h!

Stirlando says ...
Jan 4, 2012 @ 2:25am

Hi Pierrec,

Thanks, I may be developing this game more just for fun, follow me on facebook if you want to see it progress :)

zairon says ...
Jan 5, 2012 @ 1:37am

I don't really get the play mechanic? I found myself at dead ends a lot waiting for the timer, just trying random paths until I found the kittens. It would be more interesting if opening some bins revealed other paths the kittens could have traveled on, or if the bins added time. But is the intent for it to work this way? Or is there a pattern to be able to search all the bins?

Stirlando says ...
Jan 5, 2012 @ 8:27pm

Hiya Zairon,

I actually thought about adding more things like what you suggested, but ran out of time as this is the second idea I had. There is a certain path to take, yes, but I intend to continue with this game adding new, bigger levels with better paths. And in the rules it says that you cannot go back on yourself, the dead ends are just there to make it harder to see the main path straight away. There are bins you need to leave behind, eventually we will change the sprites to make this a little more obvious.

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