December 16th-19th 2011 :: Theme: Alone

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Stand alone

by AhNinniah - Jam Entry

It's a story about an astronaut who found himself all alone in boundless Space. Your goal is to reach your spaceship before it flies away.


- Hold SPACE for acceleration
- Hold SPACE after getting Nitro for Super-Speed.
- Arrow Keys (left/right, A/D)
- Enter

Used: Inkscape,, sfxr, Monkey, PaintNet

Music: WMRI - Emerald Sky, DJad - Space Exploration

*Note: Game doesn't have a preloader. Please, give it several seconds for loading.

*Please Also Note: Web version was not optimized well due to lack of time. If you are interested in this game, you'd better download Windows or Swf version itself. Html version works fine in Chrome.

We participate in Ludum Dare for the first time. And it's our first ever game too. We hope you enjoy it. Thank you.

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Tristan says ...
Dec 20, 2011 @ 2:48am

Nice looking game!:)

exe says ...
Dec 20, 2011 @ 2:59am

how am I suppose to dodge what I can't see... :s

invaderJim says ...
Dec 20, 2011 @ 3:19am

Another Monkey dev! Great game :D I like the increased dodging speed as you approach collision. Really neat action. Or maybe that's just my system catching up.

TeamEpsilon says ...
Dec 20, 2011 @ 4:02am

It's fun, but hard to react to the asteroids when they come as fast as they do.

AhNinniah says ...
Dec 20, 2011 @ 4:12am

exe, TeamEpsilon
Try to let go Spacebar after getting Nitro. It will make it easier in some ways. But I do not deny that it is necessary to have quick reaction as well as a lot of luck to win.)

AhNinniah says ...
Dec 20, 2011 @ 4:17am

Thanks) In the near future it will be submitted on MonkeyCoder. Also, I'm going to upset Mark Sibly with couple bugs that I found :)

ladron says ...
Dec 21, 2011 @ 1:30am

I like the look of the spaceman. I found that keeping myself in nitro was pretty easy - I always died because of low health.

Dec 21, 2011 @ 9:17am

Great graphics, great idea, great music... but ultimately more frustrating than fun with how much it feels like winning is based purely on being lucky. If you could see maybe twice as far ahead of you or so, it would be golden.

Jeck says ...
Dec 22, 2011 @ 9:28am

Nice little twitch-reflex game.

Make A Game says ...
Dec 27, 2011 @ 11:23pm

The astronaut's movement is really slow compared to the speed at which things are coming towards you.

NoLan Labs says ...
Jan 2, 2012 @ 4:03am

This is a really hard game. Fun though.

Randomasta says ...
Jan 6, 2012 @ 8:18am

Solid package overall, but unfortunately my reflexes couldn't catch up with the game XD

Kelly Thomas says ...
Jan 9, 2012 @ 4:59am

I didn't win...
Can you win?

sauronz says ...
Jan 9, 2012 @ 4:41pm

A good game :) my only complaint is that nitrous seems to lead only to bad stuff :p

markengley says ...
Jan 9, 2012 @ 8:30pm

Very impressive little game for your first ever attempt!

magnolia_fan says ...
Jan 9, 2012 @ 8:52pm

Really fun and hard, it reminded me of that old game where you control a plane and have to pick the fuel tanks. On the other hand, I think I should get the achievement for hitting almost all rocks on my path...

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