Ludum Dare 22 Warmup

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Random Scroll Shooter

by Darkhogg - Warmup Entry

The Applet seems to work on Windows systems.
On Linux (Ubuntu at least) it's giving me some headaches, because of the IcedTea Firefox plugin. If you can't play it on the web, try either the downloadable version or the Oracle plugin.

To run the downloadable version, unzip everything into a new folder and run it, either by double-clicking or using:
java -jar warmup22.jar
You must cd into the directory which contains warmup22.jar (This is mandatory, as the java.library.path is set relative to this)

Source includes sounds, graphics, classes and libraries (both JAR and natives, the same lib folder in the binary dist)

NOTE: The game is unfinished, it lacks A LOT of things that I would have done on a proper LD, like intro/gameover screens, effects, etc. I did it on a single day, plus a lot of time fixing the distribution, so I'm happy with it. I tested Slick2D, and managed to make a game, so I'm actually proud of myself.

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galman says ...
Dec 11, 2011 @ 9:13pm

Nice game! The graphics with the nice sounds mix together very well. Add some powerups, bosses and more...

khakionion says ...
Dec 13, 2011 @ 7:04am

On the Mac (Lion 10.7.2), it starts up, and I see something kinda like the screenshot, but it looks like the game is playing itself "in reverse" in super-fast speed. Keyboard support doesn't work. Just a heads-up in case you want to support Mac next weekend. :D

Quimby says ...
Dec 14, 2011 @ 6:44am

Short, simple, and very sweet.
It started off as a very laid back and mindless blaster, but quickly started to resemble a fairly decent bullet hell shooter. (minus the escape path in the bullet patterns :P)
An easy way to make it a little more playable would be to prevent the enemies firing one in every 4 seconds to make some gaps and then have the difficulty ramp up faster.
Good work, I'll keep an eye out for your real Ludum entry :)

Darkhogg says ...
Dec 18, 2011 @ 8:29pm

Oh, sweet, comments. Didn't notice!

@galman: I don't really want to improve this, as it was just something to get familiar with Slick2D. And thank Zeus I did it, as the applet was HELL to setup.

@khakionion: OH GOD. That sounds like Slick2D/LWJGL doing a really bad job. I *HOPE* my LD48 game works in Mac, if not, I'll look into it. Sorry about that >.<

@Quimby: Tnaks! It's obviously highly unbalanced, as I just wanted to try out Slick2D. The enemy appear rate increases (i think) quadratically, but I didn't bother making it linear because of the short time invested here. Same goes to the shooting: is completely random (except for a minimum time between shoots).

Thanks to all! I'd say check my LD22 game, but, well, it's really bad :(

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