August 19th-22nd 2011 :: Theme: Escape
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Major Tom Rocket Driver

by PsySal - 48 Hour Competition Entry

SPACE, ARROWS to control. ESC to restart. Music written by David Bowie but played by me.

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HybridMind says ...
Aug 23, 2011 @ 7:33pm

Really loved this game so much. The style is very striking and the gameplay I found quite addictive. I just HAD to beat it even if those last levels were quite hard. Europa was very tough but after about 10 tries or more I finally escaped. Really like the writing that takes places between the levels and the piano riffing on the Bowie song set such a good atmosphere. This is one of my favorites from this LD.

leksapeksa says ...
Aug 23, 2011 @ 8:23pm

Yeah. Music, writing, graphics. Just like HybridMind said, they set such a good atmosphere. I bet even the President of All Humans would like this game.

Hangedman says ...
Aug 24, 2011 @ 7:48pm

Neat little style, and a fun game, if a bit frustrating: one mistake usually cost you the level. Nevertheless, I liked the physics and the controls and graphics were good. Some visual feedback on when you can fire again after discharging an engine would be nice.

Aug 26, 2011 @ 3:36pm

I like the atmosphere of the game quite a bit.

Rudy says ...
Aug 29, 2011 @ 5:49pm

Very nice idea and done in the right way. But the utter randomness at the later levels is very frustrating. I'll need a new keyboard after this LD. With a little polish, this could be a pretty awesome game.

Tulrath says ...
Sep 2, 2011 @ 4:14am

I really played this game a lot - very fun. Great music (I know that was Bowie, but you played it well), fun visuals, I liked the style too. Trying to steer against the wind when you had no way of knowing how it was affecting the ship was frustrating. I actually found that the most successful technique was just tapping the steering randomly and only occasionally making obvious corrections :D

Overall, though, this was a really enjoyable game.

SusanTheCat says ...
Sep 3, 2011 @ 1:21am

I really felt that the controls really had no effect on the rocket. I got very frustrated.

angrygeometry says ...
Sep 7, 2011 @ 6:34am

very interesting mechanic, but i found it pretty difficult, especially the later missions. took several goes each time and i got pretty frustrated. overall though, a very nice game. cute writing.

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