August 19th-22nd 2011 :: Theme: Escape
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Cube Collapse

by Martin Fasterholdt - 48 Hour Competition Entry

(29-08-2011, polished the game, added instructions and 3 more levels, try it here:

Unlock the cube by marking the 6 pieces on the board that could be folded into the cube.

Mark pieces with left mouse
Rotate view with arrow keys

Work schedule:
1/2 hour brainstorm during family dinner
1 hour paper prototyping in train
8 1/2 hours of development
(Would have been 3 without the extension which saved me)

10 hours in total

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ratking says ...
Aug 22, 2011 @ 2:31pm

The idea is great, but sadly I don't see much connection to the theme. :-]

Martoon says ...
Aug 22, 2011 @ 2:36pm

That's really slick (and you definitely have a screenshot advantage ;) ). I was hoping it was procedurally generated, though, and would keep zooming indefinitely. Very pretty.

Martoon says ...
Aug 22, 2011 @ 2:39pm

@ratking: You're opening a cube to free what's inside. I think that qualifies as "escape". :)

Benjamin says ...
Aug 22, 2011 @ 2:56pm

Smart game ! And I agree with Martoon, this cube need infinite zooming levels !! ^____^

KavuDX says ...
Aug 22, 2011 @ 6:15pm

My mind was blown when there was a cube inside the cube.
Too bad that happened only once.
A "You Win" screen would be well-received, as I kept on clicking the sphere thinking the game was still on.

Very cool game, if you gave it a bit more polish it would be a great puzzle! Congratulations!

panzermancer says ...
Aug 22, 2011 @ 10:56pm

I second Martoon and all of them. So I guess that means I fourth them?

triplefox says ...
Aug 23, 2011 @ 12:23am

I like the concept but there's no feedback on how close you are to solving, which made me feel frustrated pretty quickly.

martinf says ...
Aug 23, 2011 @ 9:42am

I am glad you like it :)

The plan was indeed to make it zoom multiple times and of cause have more than one level as well. I was considering procedural levels, but I think they do need a bit of design to control. Difficulty, pieces which almost look right, or correct pieces in wrong places, or even levels with a theme or certain visuals in the pieces and patterns would be tricky and time consuming to get right with procedural. However a tool that generates a board and a cube as a starting point would be very useful. When I get time I will make a few more levels, and add a bit more feedback. In game tutorial would also be good.

Is it allowed to just update my entry or should I place updates separately?

James Paige says ...
Aug 23, 2011 @ 8:10pm

Could you post a non-web-player version of this? Based on other Unity games I have seen in this competition, the Unity web plugin cannot be installed on Linux, but a standalone Windows Unity game works fine on Linux using wine.

Andrew says ...
Aug 25, 2011 @ 3:17pm

Was rather frustrating before I found the rotate controls :)

Aug 25, 2011 @ 6:20pm

Here is a link to a standalone windows build as James Paige requested:

Sorry Andrew, I am aware that the game badly needs some ingame intructions.

Codexus says ...
Aug 27, 2011 @ 7:24am

Nice concept but it's really easy if you've read the description and understand what you have to do.

Aug 28, 2011 @ 11:11pm

Polished the game, added instructions and 3 more levels, try it here:

Tulrath says ...
Aug 30, 2011 @ 3:16am

I liked it - agree with everyone (I think) that in-game instructions would have helped a lot. Would have liked more challenging gameplay, that's a good thing :)

natpat says ...
Aug 30, 2011 @ 12:55pm

Nice idea, although I was upset when there were only 2 levels. The difficulty was just right though :)

marudziik says ...
Sep 1, 2011 @ 1:22pm

Fun idea, although a little too short. Very nice on graphics.
However, I don't see the source anywhere? This is a compo entry, right? :/ In your journal you write about entering the jam, and there's no source to be found, but I'm rating this as a compo entry...

Sep 2, 2011 @ 2:25pm

Novel idea and gameplay, solid graphics. Nice work!

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