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by code_glitch - 48 Hour Competition Entry

For some reason, you are in cyperspace. And things want you dead - get out fast. The faster the better, and mind that data!

RACE ON - Moving is just as hard as memory management. In ASM8086 ahaha... You'll see.

In empty-space - there are no gravities.
In cyber-space - there are no environmental physics.
In space - no one can hear you go WTF IS THIIISSS???? (A great movie)

Controls: Arrow keys.
Bugs 96, 27, 110, 110 and 111 are still present resulting in weird behaviour when using the '`' key, 'esc' key, level lodaing, death / winning and audio respectively...

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GigaClon says ...
Aug 23, 2011 @ 4:56am

Game Crashes at the title

code_glitch says ...
Aug 23, 2011 @ 12:50pm

GigaClon: What OS?

summaky says ...
Aug 23, 2011 @ 2:40pm

I have the same problem as GigaClon on Windows XP. At first, the game refused to even run and Windows was telling me I had not enough virtual memory, until I set its size to ~1GiB (I run Windows in a virtual machine with 768MiB of RAM).

Once the game run, it showed a white screen during a brief moment and then crashed with the following output on the console:

"An unhandled exception occurred at $64D5A21E :
EAccessViolation : Access violation

I've tried to move the folder to a path without spaces, with the same result.

I also tried to run the Linux version, but it seems that it uses libpng14 *and* libpng12. I only have libpng14 installed on my system, so I couldn't test on neither platform.


summaky says ...
Aug 23, 2011 @ 4:59pm

Can't run it, can't rate it :'(

code_glitch says ...
Aug 24, 2011 @ 1:17pm

Darn, this is recurring. I'll re-upload this since it seems to me that the memory management bug is not fixed after all...

code_glitch says ...
Aug 24, 2011 @ 1:48pm

OK, I've downgraded the Prometheus Engine that seemed to be causing the crash and all seems better despite slower performance. It may freeze a bit at the start just dont overload it with clicks/button presses and I hope it works better now. Tested on windows 7 x64, Ubuntu 10.10 x64, Ubuntu 11.04 x64.

Its the same engine as my last entry so if that ran, so will this.

code_glitch says ...
Aug 24, 2011 @ 1:49pm

Seems I cannot edit, links are:

code_glitch says ...
Aug 24, 2011 @ 1:51pm

OK, contingency: I renamed the files so the initial links will work. Sorry for the fiasco - the engine I was hoping to use was a little bit rushed...

foobaz says ...
Aug 24, 2011 @ 8:45pm

Still crashed. Something about "0,3" not being a float.

N0_Named_Guy says ...
Aug 25, 2011 @ 4:20pm

Can't run your game. No source code so I could build, and/or no Linux 32 bit build that I could run =X Can't play, can't rate.

code_glitch says ...
Aug 25, 2011 @ 4:33pm

foobaz: I take it you are one a linux system. I'll re-check again. This is a hassle... Fixed for 5:45 GMT

code_glitch says ...
Aug 25, 2011 @ 4:36pm

foobaz: what OS are you on? This could only occur if using the Win32 Data on a linux build or possibly an older version of windows. During development I got an error on windows that '0.3' was invalid and I had to use '0,3' while the opposite for linux.

N0_Named_Guy: All the packages contain source code - it is there, under the sub folder should be a LD21.pas file which can be built with FPC.

code_glitch says ...
Aug 25, 2011 @ 4:44pm

Please see the journal/blog page for updates as to when the issues will be resolved and for what platforms...

code_glitch says ...
Aug 25, 2011 @ 6:53pm

The bug related to foreign builds of Windows 7 (french) that interpreted floating point values as having a , not a . and this resulted in a crash in English windows as the reverse was true. This is SOLVED! (unless you have french windows)

The linux version (experimental) with some new dependency scripts can be found here:

This is a DIY release, compile it youself from the scripts please (sudo bash the dependency .sh files and then DO NOT sudo the compile script unless you want to either run some chowns or sudo ./LD21s later)

I again, apologize for the fiasco and will be writing to a few people as to why foreign versions of windows interpret floating point values differently to avoid this for all people (need to feed back to a german friend whose game only works on german windows. I now know why).

Again, my sincerest apologies for the delay.

Aug 25, 2011 @ 7:32pm

Who the fuck localizes APIs?

I had the same issue, but we were working on the very basics of a game. In one computer it worked fine, and the other computer showed a green screen, and we were absolutely confused as what was happening. The debugger showed no error, etc.

Then we noticed the localization, and that in one PC the camera had the correct distance, and the other was completely zoomed into a Quad.

code_glitch says ...
Aug 25, 2011 @ 8:49pm

Felipe Budinich:
Actually this is scarier. All I m doing is an StrToFloat() Call that asks the OS what the string is as a float. The OS is then telling the program some BS that crashes it. Its not even error handling, its a case of why Microsoft changed that VERY basic NT code in the first place when all they had to do was install a freakin language pack!?!?!?!

Shigor says ...
Aug 26, 2011 @ 2:52pm

Stupid microsoft decision to localize stuff like floating point sign, separator in csv files and other idiotic stuff etc hit me few times too...

code_glitch says ...
Aug 26, 2011 @ 5:15pm

Shigor: Agreed.

Update: after some renaming voodoo the orignal links should provide the latest files...

vitae says ...
Aug 27, 2011 @ 8:41pm

Loads the title screen, then crashes to desktop. Using Windows 7 amd64

arielsan says ...
Aug 28, 2011 @ 9:15pm

Happened the same as summaky and others, Access violation and stuff.


code_glitch says ...
Sep 1, 2011 @ 12:13pm

OK. Stuff this, looks like I will withdraw from the compo - theres is obviously something wrong here - I've had all my friends try this out from the web file and it runs for them - I'll get in touch with McFunckyPants and discuss the rules as soon as I can.

code_glitch says ...
Sep 1, 2011 @ 4:31pm

@vitae, arielsan: what download link did you use?

vitae says ...
Sep 4, 2011 @ 4:40am

I used the "Windows" download like, and tried to run "LaunchCyberspace"

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