August 19th-22nd 2011 :: Theme: Escape
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Streetlights, People

by BleuLlama - 48 Hour Competition Entry

This is an iOS game, SDK-OK. It requires a Mac to build, as well as Xcode 4. I'll be putting it into Apple's iOS app store as a free app shortly, for those of you unable to play it. It's vaguely based on the lyrics to Journey's "Don't Stop Believin" from their album "Escape".

For some reason, people are attracted to the streetlights. You, Perry, must run around and shake each of the streetlights to turn off the light, and let the people escape!

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BleuLlama says ...
Aug 22, 2011 @ 5:18am Gameplay video development time-lapse

stRana says ...
Aug 22, 2011 @ 5:00pm

Too hard to get an environment where I could try this game out.

Gornova says ...
Aug 22, 2011 @ 7:12pm

Followin rules you must provide at least an executable working on Windows!

kevglass says ...
Aug 22, 2011 @ 7:31pm

Breaks the rooooools. Still I got it to run here :) Was a bit odd and I couldn't really understand what I was doing.

BleuLlama says ...
Aug 22, 2011 @ 8:27pm

There's nothing in the rules that states that supplying exes for windows is required. Read the rules before you preach them, folks.

Devlin says ...
Aug 22, 2011 @ 8:27pm

It is *NOT* against the rules to not provide a Windows executable. If you actually READ the compo rules page it says this.

BleuLlama says ...
Aug 22, 2011 @ 8:29pm

And the environment to try this is:
1. install Xcode 4 on a mac. (which, if you're a dev, you have already) - this includes the iOS SDKs
2. unzip the archive, open the Raclette Xcode project
3. build and run for simulator. Done.

Gornova says ...
Aug 22, 2011 @ 8:44pm

btw it's a suggestion:

"After web, Windows is your best bet. We do have a number of Mac and Linux developers, but they’re a minority compared to web and Windows."

unable to play it or rate it

jonbro says ...
Aug 25, 2011 @ 12:16pm

I was actually able to get it to build using xcode 3 somehow. A cute game, but it seemed like there wasn't too much of a challenge. I was able to make it a ton through the levels without things getting hard. I think that would be the number one thing to do with this if you could.

BleuLlama says ...
Aug 25, 2011 @ 7:01pm

jobro - yah. i ran out of time to get to game balancing and progression. Thanks for trying it out though. :)

BleuLlama says ...
Aug 25, 2011 @ 7:06pm

er. *jonbro sorry. brain not working right

pekuja says ...
Aug 27, 2011 @ 6:02pm

Haven't been able to play it yet. I'll play it when you get it on the app store.

summaky says ...
Aug 27, 2011 @ 7:11pm

I don't have an iOS device therefore I can't test this game :'(

ExciteMike says ...
Aug 28, 2011 @ 9:22pm

Have you looked into TestFlight? With that, people won't have to sign up as an iOS developer to play your game.

BleuLlama says ...
Aug 29, 2011 @ 7:43pm

ExciteMike - true, but they still ahve to give me their UDIDs for the AdHoc provisioning, but i have a very limited number of slots left I can use. I've got it "in the machinery" at apple, and hopefully will be approved for the app store shortly.

demonpants says ...
Aug 29, 2011 @ 8:06pm

I'm an iOS developer, so I was able to run this. An interesting start, but the gameplay is very lacking at this point. I was pretty much ignoring the red lights and then just tap-and-holding each light one after the other in order to win. There was no strategy and no level of difficulty, I made it to a high level and stopped from boredom. I think it's an interesting idea to start with, but it needs more substance.

ExciteMike says ...
Aug 30, 2011 @ 1:10am

Managed to run it! I don't really have anything more to add to what demonpants said, though. There definitely needs to be something more to it if it's going to keep people interested.

BleuLlama says ...
Aug 30, 2011 @ 4:56pm

I can't argue with that at all. I was only able to devote about 10-15 hours to work on it, so it's really unfinished in this state. Thanks for digging in though, I appreciate it. :D

BleuLlama says ...
Aug 31, 2011 @ 7:24pm

It's now available in the Apple iOS App Store. Link is above.

pekuja says ...
Sep 3, 2011 @ 7:24pm

Well, this is probably the best game ever about vandalising street lamps, but that's probably not saying much.

The game also seems like an odd fit for the theme. You could have probably swung the same mechanics with a different theme like fighting dragons that are taking people into captivity, or something.

As for the game mechanics themselves, I didn't really feel like I was Perry, but that I was just telling him where to go. Playing seemed to be simpler than what the controls were designed to. I ended up just tapping on the streetlamps one after one. I did also find that the collision detection felt a bit finicky, as sometimes I'd be right next to a lamp but nothing would happen. I also noticed that if I walked onto a red lamp, Perry wouldn't start shaking the lamp when the lamp turned white again, but I had to tap once more. Like demonpants, I mostly found the red lamps to be inconsequential and the game never really got difficult. I played until level 10 and quit.

I think making the actual breaking of the streetlamps a more interesting and active part of the game, it might be more interesting.

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