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    Ludum Dare 20

    April 29th-May 2nd, 2011
    Theme: It’s Dangerous to go Alone! Take this!

    More Info: Ludum Dare 20 Has Begun! (Keynote), Theme Voting Results.

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    SkyFall - headchant - Competition Entry

    Was it really such a good idea to go alone to that cliff?

    I wild trip down including epic weapons(swords), action packed battles, dashes, spins, turns and trampolines.

    The .love includes the source code and could also run on linux.

    The Jam version (only in .love file, get Love2d at http://www.love2d.org) is slightly more polished with some of the bugs fixed and finally some music.

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    billknye says ...
    May 2, 2011 @ 3:25am

    Sometimes I can fall for a long time without any sky villians or clouds. You keep upgrades (like double swords) between plays.

    billknye says ...
    May 2, 2011 @ 6:16am

    Selecting the end button doesn't actually quit.

    Jimjam says ...
    May 2, 2011 @ 10:44am

    Really nice concept and graphics, but doing damage/hitting in combat feels a bit random.

    JoJo_2nd says ...
    May 3, 2011 @ 1:40pm

    I really like the art work but the combat feels a little bit too erratic. Also, If I hold up at the top of the screen I can fly :D

    May 4, 2011 @ 3:07pm

    Really cool concept, nice use of combinations.

    Could see this being really good with some more assets.

    Congrats on finishing!

    TellusE says ...
    May 6, 2011 @ 7:32pm

    I don't think anyone's ever attempted a "free-fall combat" genre before :P It's got some innovative potential in combat mechanics throughout. The idea's in place, needing mostly content and options of action.

    Endurion says ...
    May 8, 2011 @ 6:13am

    The concept is very interesting, the execution is quite ok, but has its problems.
    In my second attempt I died which seemed without reason. I hit the villain (seen in the screen) for -8.9 but I died?
    When I started the next game there were no clouds or enemies?

    With a bit of bug fixing, adding sound/music and more options this could be a really nice arcade game!

    Switchbreak says ...
    May 8, 2011 @ 8:09pm

    Good fun. Seemed to have trouble hitting the skyvillains, but I got a few of them. Love the graphics.

    ryantouk says ...
    May 9, 2011 @ 2:25am

    I guess I'm the only one who gets this error after the opening cutscene:
    I'm having such bad luck this LD :/

    hamster_mk_4 says ...
    May 11, 2011 @ 4:15am

    Sky diving sword fighting is a fun concept, but the AI is a little too powerful, and the whole thing seems futile since there is no way to regain health. Still for a 48 hour project this is very nice.

    headchant says ...
    May 11, 2011 @ 2:59pm

    I'm sorry to say that your graphics card doesn't support framebuffers, you will not be able to play.

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