April 29th-May 2nd, 2011
Theme: It’s Dangerous to go Alone! Take this!

More Info: Ludum Dare 20 Has Begun! (Keynote), Theme Voting Results.

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by LeafThief - Competition Entry

HOW TO PLAY: Find all 4 photographs and use them - but watch out: It's dangerous to go alone.
Use Arrow keys to navigate and X to activate an aura/photograph.

In this game the danger of going alone becomes an immediate threat. You could encourage social connections to others - for the sake of not going alone - go with them. You could try to find your own way.

Authors comments:
First LD for me - and it was quite harsh. I had a lot of problems (especially with programming). Also I have to admit that i fell in love with that visual style.
It's very very very short and not very well documented but I hope that you can enjoy it anyway.

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morganquirk says ...
May 2, 2011 @ 2:59pm

First of all: god this is pretty. The music is also awesome. It took me about 10 or 15 runs through the game before I figured out what I was doing. It seems to be that if I stay near all the people, I slowly turn into them. The 3 faces on my life bar accumulate, then I "conform" and then lose. If I stay away from them, though, my life bar runs out. But I can turn my photographs into auras which I can always come back to to regain my life.

Wicked awesome, I would say experiment with making the levels a bit larger so that it's not so easy to just run and collect all the photographs before my life runs out.

morganquirk says ...
May 2, 2011 @ 3:01pm

Also, there wasn't an "accessibility" category, so you're ending up with a pretty high rating from me. (:

brandoncash says ...
May 2, 2011 @ 3:37pm

This. is. beautiful.

Super hard to understand what's happening, unfortunately. But you nailed the atmosphere perfectly!

Yezu says ...
May 2, 2011 @ 4:27pm

Short but detailed and very well though out. I like it very much :)

May 3, 2011 @ 2:04am

Very pretty! And good ambiance.

I guess standing in the aura built health back? But I still died :(

Congratulations on your first Ludum Dare.

LiquidAsh says ...
May 3, 2011 @ 3:08am

Very confused by the aura/photograph... enjoyed the style both look and sound though. Nice job.

Cosr says ...
May 4, 2011 @ 4:43am

Looks wonderful and the music is pleasant. It takes a bit to figure out how things work, but the game is set up in a way that you can finish it without understanding how to play.
Rather than explain everything in a blunt way, though, it would probably be better to make things longer (maybe expand level like mentioned previously) to give the game more time to sink in.

Winterblood says ...
May 4, 2011 @ 3:19pm

Haunting atmosphere. Beautifully animated sprites, too. The suits with masks on are creepy. Could use more cues to indicate how the mechanics work, as even after finishing I still don't really know what I was doing. I'd play more of this...

TellusE says ...
May 4, 2011 @ 11:41pm

So far (about halfway through all the games) this is the best interpretation of the theme I'm seen. The haunting necessity to stay in the limbo between isolation and conformity combined with graphics and music that instantly took me back to the desolate dystopias of Future Wars and the less humorous parts of Space Quest. To tell you the truth the hairs were standing up on my nape. Incredible.

I gotta try this a couple more rounds before moving on. An absolutely excellent piece of LeafThief.

DrPetter says ...
May 5, 2011 @ 11:02am

I'm quite confused. Both failed and "won", but I'm not sure what separates the two. Apparently it's good to make a few auras while you go collect the pictures/things, but I don't know the mechanical or story reasons behind this. Graphics are nice, there's a pretty cohesive "weird" atmosphere with the audio as well. Player animation is very good as long as it works, but apparently it glitches out in some situations/directions. So yeah... I'm stupid, and/or this game needs a better explanation. Or maybe it's just indeed very weird! :)

arielsan says ...
May 5, 2011 @ 2:27pm

I agree with the others about the objective of the game is a bit hard to understand, I was playing and didn't know what I was doing until I played three or four times.

However, you made a great work in overall, both graphics and audio nicely done, also all your posts and time lapse.

Good luck.

Manuel777 says ...
May 5, 2011 @ 4:08pm

Wow, impressive. Just the kind of game i love to play in LD, the atmosphere, the graphics, the relatively simple but yet fun and challenging gameplay.. Excellent!
Cons: its hard to understand what you have to do, i had to play several times.

Another thing, you should make this game longer now the compo ended, you have a real jewel in here, it would be nice to add two or three more levels and see how it may diverge..

superflat says ...
May 5, 2011 @ 5:26pm

I had no idea what was going on, and I loved it.

May 5, 2011 @ 5:34pm

For the love of all that is holy, MAKE THIS INTO A FULL-BLOWN GAME !! With a bit more polish gameplay-wise, you've got a masterpiece with this one. The aestethics are just incredible. The gameplay, if a bit obscure at first, is an extremely well tought-out interpretation of the theme. And this music... Honestly, you really did something great here !

jonbro says ...
May 5, 2011 @ 6:19pm

beyond beautiful graphics. beyond beautiful audio.

I was also confused by the gameplay. I think that you could potentially solve this by labeling things in the first level (stay near this, stay away from this, press x now, etc). I wonder too about some other things, like it seems like I can never remove the faces from my hit bar, even if I am in an aura... maybe changing the aura to recharge both your bars not just the aloneness bar.

overall, beautiful, amazing first LD.

recursor says ...
May 5, 2011 @ 11:52pm

I too found the gameplay confusing, not sure exactly why I died or how I managed to get to the next area. There is something about it that compels me to keep playing in spite of that though. The art style and general feel of the game as well as the music were very good. Nicely done.

May 6, 2011 @ 6:30am

I found figuring out the game to be part of the game. But the opening comic-style documentation, while beautiful, did not adequately communicate the rules. The visual style, the pixelated graphics and especially the way you muted the color tones, all were awesome. Make more. It appears you're an artist who codes. With your artistic abilities you're ready to set up us the bomb.

Pierrec says ...
May 6, 2011 @ 5:07pm

I felt literaly in love with this game. I needed few tries to understand well, because nothing is really explained (even if the tutorial is brillant!) but it's perfect like that, it's great that we have to try many times to understand. I wrote a review about entity (http://oujevipo.fr/5-minutes/entity) but it's in french. Maybe Google translate do a great job : http://translate.google.com/translate?js=n&prev=_t&hl=fr&ie=UTF-8&layout=2&eotf=1&sl=fr&tl=en&u=http%3A%2F%2Foujevipo.fr%2F5-minutes%2Fentity&act=url

Maybe I haven't understood well, but I don't care, because what I understood is awesome!

elbowroom says ...
May 9, 2011 @ 7:17am

I don't fully understand this but I know beautiful pixel art when I see it. The music is awesome like people mentioned.
Yeah, it is difficult to understand what's going on..
I tried reading the code but I still don't really understand what is going on.:)

Anyhow I am impressed with the atmosphere.

Tom 7 says ...
May 19, 2011 @ 1:05am

I also did not understand this game and also enjoyed it a lot.

Nyaa says ...
May 22, 2011 @ 10:55am

Very beautiful if a little hard to pick up at first.

LeafThief says ...
May 24, 2011 @ 6:39am

Thanks everyone for voting AND thanks to all of you who took the time to comment this. Entity made #6 Community (together with Clone Wolf) and #10 in Graphics.

I see now that the gameplay was indeed hard to understand and that I should've eased the player into the game. On the other hand - as JosephKnight.com pointed out - figuring it out was part of the game - but I suppose the timespan before loosing was too short.
I'm currently busy with my master thesis, but as soon as it's done, I'd like to polish this: with a proper tutorial and a proper length this can be what it intended to be in the first place: A game "commentary".

Thanks again - if you want to keep in touch: @leafthief (twitter)

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