December 17th-20th, 2010
Theme: Discovery

More Info: /ludum-dare-19-has-begun/

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The Dreamer

by johnfn - Competition Entry

FAQ (don't read until you've played through the game) :

My first LD entry, finished with seconds to spare :) It's a tale about a dreamer abandoned on a foreign world. What's there to discover? I wonder.

Platformer game with W/A/S keys. (W jumps).

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philomory says ...
Dec 20, 2010 @ 10:37am

Clever game. The controls could be a little finnicky at times, but that may be due to my machine's poor relationship with Flash than with the game itself. I liked the twist, it'd be neat to see it developed further.

johnfn says ...
Dec 20, 2010 @ 4:48pm

Thanks. The main issue I noticed (not sure if this is what you're experiencing?) is pressing 3 buttons at once (i.e. jumping up and left while holding shift). As you suspected, this is more Flash than me; I figured out a bit too late that Flash sometimes can't deal with 3 simultaneous key presses. It's really strange though, and in fact I didn't notice because it depends on where the keys are on your keyboard (for me, right shift didn't work, but left shift did).

Endurion says ...
Dec 21, 2010 @ 7:49am

Really good game. I like explory games like this. The "jump" feels floaty until you realise it's more of a float power and needs to be treated as such.
Took me a while to talk to the guys on the dark side as well (instead I tried to get to the top right corner of the bottom right screen).

Ryan says ...
Dec 21, 2010 @ 10:26am

Haha, lots of losing focus. Nice sort of dream-like music too. Getting used to the controls took a while, I think it responds a little too quickly. Overall it was satisfying to play.

KoryWazHere says ...
Dec 21, 2010 @ 1:16pm

I really enojoyed the game. Movement speed is fast ;P

Sos says ...
Dec 21, 2010 @ 7:42pm

I couldn't find the last one :(
Also, it reminds me of Knytt, which is cool!

johnfn says ...
Dec 21, 2010 @ 9:07pm

Thanks guys. Do you think I should turn down the speed a little? I made it pretty fast because I always got frustrated with games when the movement speed was too slow.

@Sos: Cool! I really like Knytt :) I think in my final version of this game I'll give some sort of indicator to see if there is a guy in this room - because I really dislike games where you have to do endless searching.

As for now, a hint to anyone who is still searching: there are TWO guys in the dark world.

Danik says ...
Dec 21, 2010 @ 11:10pm

Fun game, and the music was really fitting. I like the quick responsive controls.

Starspell says ...
Dec 22, 2010 @ 7:01pm

I really loved this game. I had played something very similar on Kongregate not too long ago with the same kinda of basic mechanic minus the shift key. I really enjoyed this game although I was annoyed that I couldn't find where the last guy was hiding.

badlydrawnrod says ...
Jan 1, 2011 @ 11:58am

Twitchy controls, but I like the dual-world thing very much.

joekinley says ...
Jan 2, 2011 @ 4:23pm

Talking pie sidekick? That is just awesome. At least you made the dream come true.

Nice game. I played it till the end. I really wanted to find all guys. The ending was amazing. Really nice game, great concept, good theme fulfillment. Great humor, overall a really really fun little game.

johnfn says ...
Jan 7, 2011 @ 9:21pm

Thanks for the comments guys. I guess I kinda messed up on the controls. I'll be sure to improve on them next time around, (assuming I end up making a platformer again).

Also, @Starspell, wouldn't my game without the shift mechanic just be a normal game? :)

bmcgames says ...
Jan 10, 2011 @ 5:38pm

I initially found the controls quite floaty but I later realized that's on purpose, good job with the theme and the level design.

johnfn says ...
Jan 11, 2011 @ 3:17am

Wow, thanks for the nice votes guys! I was just hoping to get in the top 10%. 'Course, I plan to do even better next LD. ;)

Also I think it's funny that I was the only one in the top 10 to not get any other rewards. Apparently although I suck at innovating, being fun, theming, making graphics, making audio and being funny, I'm a decent game maker. :P

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