December 17th-20th, 2010
Theme: Discovery

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by OddOneOut - Competition Entry

Do everything you can to escape the depths of this lonely mine!

Depencies required:

Controls (explained in game):
WASD: Movement
Space: Jump
Left Mouse Button: Hit with your pickaxe (if you have one)
Also, hold X to make text appear faster.

Jam game exclusive:
Alt+Enter: Fullscreen
Hold TAB: Map

Jam features:
+Bigger map
+More focused on exploration
+A finished boss (too bad I couldn't fit a joke in that ending ;))
+A few new textures and features (buttons)
+A completely new enemy, the flying Gnar.

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wizbane says ...
Dec 20, 2010 @ 7:14am

pretty challenging, you have to mentally keep track where you've been, and it took me a while of wandering at 4 crystals before I backtracked to the boss room and finished it. You could have just took out the whole boss thing and it would be still be fun & challenging.

Ryan says ...
Dec 20, 2010 @ 7:44am

I installed both of the dependencies, but it still wouldn't run. I like how the dialog box in the screenshot is semi-transparent, perhaps I'll use a similar effect in a future game.

OddOneOut says ...
Dec 20, 2010 @ 11:35am

@Ryan: I'll probably add the necessary runtimes for my updated jam version.
@wizbane: Yeah it's quite challenging, I almost got the map system finished but I ran out of time.

There will be an updated jam version that will probably have:

-Map system
-A bit easier map
-And more?

OddOneOut says ...
Dec 20, 2010 @ 11:37am

Also, I will probably release a cut version of my timelapse of creation of this game.

johnfn says ...
Dec 20, 2010 @ 11:59pm

Well done, my favorite LD entry so far! Well done with the dynamic lighting and level design. I agree with Wizbane; I got lost for a while trying to hunt down that final crystal. The ending dialog got a chuckle out of me, too. Some more resolution would have been nice, but eh, that's okay.

Last thing: Just how convenient that there happened to be 5 anti matter crystals down there just waiting for you! :)

mitch says ...
Dec 21, 2010 @ 12:10pm

Very good entry, the use of lighting made it very interesting! :)

ExciteMike says ...
Dec 21, 2010 @ 10:41pm

You didn't need to apologize for leaving out the boss battle :)

Pretty cool! The slipperiness and camera swinging both seemed a little extreme to me, though.

Endurion says ...
Dec 28, 2010 @ 4:54pm

I have the XNA runtime installed (the setup only allows repair or remove) and other XNA entries are working. Upon starting I get an InvalidOperationException. Same with the Jam version.

OddOneOut says ...
Jan 1, 2011 @ 3:07pm

I am using XNA 3.1 libraries, are you sure you have that version. I am not sure if XNA 4.0 is backwards compatible.

FatherGoblin says ...
Jan 9, 2011 @ 9:35pm

installed dependancies yet game didn't run

huhwhozat says ...
Jan 9, 2011 @ 11:41pm

Well made and interesting. The lighting does an EXCELLENT job of creating atmosphere (my favorite thing about your entry) but the regenerating health, swift movement, powerful pick, etc all give a felling of power to the player that contradicts the ominous lighting. I would have enjoyed this more if the player had to be more worried about the character's survival. Also could benefit from some ambient sound. A solid experience none the less.

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