December 17th-20th, 2010
Theme: Discovery

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This Is Digger

by txa-ea - Competition Entry

Requires a screen resolution of at least 1024x768. Stupid requirement, I know. Didn't think about it at the time.

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GreaseMonkey says ...
Dec 20, 2010 @ 5:33am

WOW CRAP 27MB WHAT THE HELL - *seriously*, compress your sound files!!!

It's as easy as: for A in *.wav; do oggenc $A; done

Alternatively, you could use a tracker which handles mod/s3m/xm/it files, just make sure you can deal with the player's quirks.

On second thoughts, please just don't add music, or just use AutoTracker-C (which produces .it files, which Löve should be able to handle) for the time being. You still need to improve on some aspects of your compositional skills, most notably "sticking instruments together".

Seriously, if you're using Musagi, watch that dissonance meter. It should NOT go above 1, and I advice that you make sure it doesn't even go above 0.

Also, instructions.png is missing.

1024x768 probably isn't a good resolution when your game is THIS pixellated. I'd


For innovation... Dig stuff, discover stuff, dodge stuff. It's all been done before. Fortunately I haven't played any games which bring them together in this way.

It's not very fun. But at least you have to dodge stuff.

The theme was played quite straight. I think.

Graphics were a bit iffy although I see you thrashed them around, which is quite fun.

Audio... once again, I released AutoTracker-C for a reason.

Humour... meh. Didn't make me laugh, didn't even make me smile, but didn't make me cringe either. Wasn't bad, just wasn't effective. Don't give up on trying to make it funny, though.

Overall... it's a bit sloppy, and not particularly fun, but I have to say you actually haven't flopped it.

Couldn't find your journal so N/A for community.

txa-ea says ...
Dec 20, 2010 @ 7:46pm

Thank you for explaining how to compress audio files.</sarcasm> I did not have time to encode the audio, but will in the next couple of days.

I finished my submission entirely in the first 24 hours. The music was "written" in under 5 minutes and only exists for completions sake.

Ninja Dodo says ...
Dec 21, 2010 @ 10:12pm

It's not initially obvious what the objective of the game is. I thought at first the point was to get to the bottom and the treasure chests were a bonus...

txa-ea says ...
Dec 22, 2010 @ 1:08am

Apologies, as the poster above pointed out, I apparently lost my instructions.png somewhere along the way.

Ninja Dodo says ...
Dec 22, 2010 @ 8:27am

Maybe it would be interesting to make the endgame time-based? Survive this long and collect as many chests as you can... Having to uncover every single bit of earth to check for the last chest feels a bit unnecessary.

Benjamin says ...
Dec 22, 2010 @ 10:09pm

I was a bit bored with the fact that you have to push the arrow key each time the robot dig. If you wanted to put some delay for the digging, juste make him move slower, or pause him after dig, but I think that force the player to release key is no good. And for the music, erh I like it someway.. I guess the dissonance thing is for adding some robots vibrations ^__^

wizbane says ...
Dec 23, 2010 @ 7:43pm

Pretty simple digging mechanics, but fun, I like how the red skeleton can help you out sometimes. There's a few areas where the graphics could be polished up to be more consistent, like the "NOW WITH MORE GHOSTS" message that comes up between levels. Audio is retro, but a little harsh at times.

thristhart says ...
Dec 25, 2010 @ 3:22pm

I only noticed after the third level that the music had stopped playing. Which was fine, it didn't really make an impression on me. So, 3 stars for audio. Gameplay-wise, the difficulty ramping needed to be increased - enemies were way too easy to dodge, and it just became strip-mining simulator 2011. Graphics were okay. Overall, two stars for effort.

littlehacksaw says ...
Dec 27, 2010 @ 3:02am

As GreaseMonkey says, instructions.png is missing -- i use love too, it may be there but the way that you zipped things up is crucial -- is there also a folder called instructions? That little bug/feature messed me up.

Kinda cool, better than my game :/ -- audio is not bad, what did you use to make it?

I found the cursor to dig, then cursor to move annoying -- is there a reason you separated them?

But yeah, I totally feel the time-constraint issue. A journal *may* make people more sympathetic. It definitely makes it more fun :)

Endurion says ...
Dec 28, 2010 @ 6:22am

A retro styled game! Yay!
I thought. Don't take it too harsh, but the music is an abomination unto Nuggan. The game idea is nifty, but the controls kill the gameplay. You seriously shouldn't require the player to repress the arrow keys again and again.
After two screens my hand hurt.
It's a nice game actually marred by these two problems mainly.

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