December 17th-20th, 2010
Theme: Discovery

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Night Of The Living Cow

by DavidR91 - Game Jam Entry

This game is a discovery game using torchlight - as a farmer you must locate diseased/zombie cattle and shoot them to bits

The torch light is controlled with the mouse, as is the crosshair (torchlight movement and crosshair movement are linked together). WASD moves.

Once a cow has been found, left clicking fires at the crosshair. If the cow takes damage, the red disc at its feet begins to spin. Once the cow is destroyed it will disappear.

At least one cow is present in the world at any one time. As a cow is present in the world longer, it begins to replicate (like bacteria). The longer you play, the more quickly replication occurs


Items are visible no matter where the player is pointing the torch
If the player moves the torchlight over the item, it is used automatically.

Batteries: Increases the size of the torchlight for 5 seconds.

Power Surge: Decreases the size of the torchlight for 5 seconds.

Coyote: Eats all infected cattle in the level. Awards 500 x the number of cows remaining.

Animal Rights Activist: Deducts 200 x the number of cows remaining.

* Stuck in windowed 1024x768
* 3.2MB download
* Windows & OS X as of 21/12/10 (12:25 GMT)

* OS X : Base arch of 10.6. Uses irrklang. Dylib included. Should function as-is
* Windows: Just a basic exe with required DLLs. Again, should work as-is
* Linux: No linux binary but does run perfectly in Wine

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