December 17th-20th, 2010
Theme: Discovery

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by stuckie - Game Jam Entry


Coded for LudumDare 19 from scratch by Steven "Stuckie" Campbell

Somehow managing it in about seven hours, and being more playable than his other games! Go Figure...

Germies is a little puzzle game concept.

There's no win condition, only survive as long as you can.

You do this by bringing out germs from the side lines ( the darker coloured areas ) and arranging them into squares of the same colour.

This can be done either by clicking on one Germie, and then an adjacent Germie to swap them, or by using the cursor keys and space to accomplish the same idea.

There's an infection timer at the top for when the next round of three germs will appear.

Germies slowly rot and die, however... and once Germie becomes diseased ( symbolised by a distinct graphic change ) they cannot be removed from play, and additionally infect surrounding Germies.

However, you get more points for the more diseased the Germies are before removing them, and you can still moved diseased Germies if need be.

If the sides fill up, the game is over.. so you may have a lot of space on your dish, but if the sides fill up before the next infection, tough!

I've included source as well.. the entire 950-odd line file!

A bit of a "holy crap I need to get something done in twelve hours" work that.. but I'm actually relatively pleased with how it turned out!

Congrats to all the other Jam and Compo participants this weekend :)


Steven "Stuckie" Campbell

I've added an Art Pack with some better looking Germies done by a friend.
Makes it look much more presentable!
Just extract the zip into your data folder and overwrite the existing crappy art.
Pic 4 shows the Art Pack in action.

I've additionally added a time-fixed 32bit version.
I developed and tested on 64bit OSs and didn't check on 32bit OSs until today (22nd Dec), when the game run at double the speed.
Though technically, it's the 64bit version that's running at half-speed...
The original version is now marked for 64bit OSs, and a new version ( with code changes ) for 32bit versions.

If you're not sure if you're running 32bit or 64bit Windows, try em both! The one that's infection timer counts every 2 seconds is the right one.

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