December 17th-20th, 2010
Theme: Discovery

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by recursor - Competition Entry

Objective: Use the given clue to discover which picture you need to reveal on the cubes. Rotate the cubes to display the picture before time runs out. Discover all the pictures to win the game.

Controls: Use the mouse to select a cube
Left/Right Arrows (or A/D keys) rotate the
selected cube
Up/Down Arrows (or W/S keys) will be activated
later to enable up/down cube rotation for more
Escape returns you to the title screen
Spacebar skips the title screen

-The clue for the picture will appear at the bottom of the

-There are multiple clues for each picture!

-When you are in game, the spacebar will take you to the victory song and credits. This is a cheat, so only do it if you are having trouble with the level 16+ puzzles.

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toadfrogs says ...
Dec 20, 2010 @ 10:04am

That was fun! Good use of 3d and I liked the puzzles.

increpare says ...
Dec 20, 2010 @ 11:05am

The audio is enormously endearing!

I got to 16 - the rotations killed me.

I didn't get the mayonnaise clue, and had to skip through from another solution to get to it.

Dec 20, 2010 @ 12:02pm

The instructions screen audio is amazing. Really enjoyed the game, though the number of cubes should have gone right down again after the full rotation is enabled, it was suddenly waaay too hard.

Devenger says ...
Dec 21, 2010 @ 1:47am

A very nifty idea, well executed. Difficulty curve needs work - I always had at least 20 seconds to spare until up/down rotation was added, at which point I lost by a large margin (it was made particularly difficult by being required to correctly rotate the background of the nutcracker image, which being an almost consistent colour was practically impossible). Game over voice made me chuckle. Thanks for an enjoyable 10 minutes.

recursor says ...
Dec 21, 2010 @ 2:05am

Thanks for the comments, and yes I completely agree with the difficulty curve taking a huge swing at level 16 where full rotations are enabled. I got to thinking about that this morning and it is just mean to make a player invest all that time only to throw in the full rotation addition on a 4x4 cube array just two levels before all the puzzles are complete. It takes a few tries to get the hang of a full rotation puzzle, and I should have put a couple in before reaching such a large cube array to get the player acquainted with it. I agree with Jonathan that I should have decreased the # of cubes to a 3x3 or even 2x2 when full rotations were enabled.

@Devenger: Indeed I played the game again when I got home from work and realized that there are a couple of pictures (such as the nutcracker) which become almost impossible when played on full rotations due to the mono-colored background.

What bums me about it is that, due to the difficulty snaffu at puzzle 16, not many if any will complete the game and I have a little victory song made up and everything...oh well...

jolle says ...
Dec 21, 2010 @ 7:11pm

Pushing space jumps directly to the credits. Happened when I tried to figure out what to do (didn't at first realize you had to click a block to rotate it).

Two last screens were challenging! I had fun. Next step is adding moving blocks around, then it'll be almost impossible under time pressure.

refrag says ...
Dec 21, 2010 @ 7:29pm

I really enjoyed this! A nice and simple puzzle game. The sound effects really helped make the cube spinning satisfying. Good job on a solid entry.

recursor says ...
Dec 21, 2010 @ 9:42pm

@jolle - Ah, I did not mean to leave the <spacebar> trick in there, but it is nice for others who are frustrated by the last two puzzles but still want to see the ending...

@refrag - Thanks, I am glad you enjoyed it.

Danik says ...
Dec 21, 2010 @ 10:27pm

I got to level 16 and lost just when it was getting interesting. :)

Starspell says ...
Dec 22, 2010 @ 7:14pm

Wow was not expecting that. Nice idea and very well presented. Difficult spike is definitely there though... I was so close on number 16. Loved the voice over when you fail though - top notch!

KoryWazHere says ...
Dec 23, 2010 @ 11:47am

Awesome Audio =D

thristhart says ...
Dec 25, 2010 @ 5:02pm

I beat 16 and it wouldn't accept my correct solution! pah. Great game, a lot of fun.

LiquidAsh says ...
Dec 26, 2010 @ 6:14pm

Fun little game that I think could have benefitted for more depth... maybe chaning clues and picture from one puzzle to the next, or adding variety to how picture elements are changed. Nice work.

stevejohnson says ...
Dec 29, 2010 @ 12:00am

Well executed, concise, and funny! I wanted it to be harder sooner (all degrees of freedom). I beat the very last one with 3 seconds to spare.

Jerm says ...
Dec 30, 2010 @ 1:16am

Good game. Nice audio and the photos were cool. Kinda fun but probably a bit too easy, for a couple of puzzles I didn't understand the clue so I just tried all different pictures (maybe you need to mix up the textures on the cubes, or limit the rate that moves can be made).

The first time I played through I got to the first full-rotation puzzle and didn't realise there was a time limit. I managed to beat it the second time though (my strategy was to find all the faces with the right picture, then turn them up the right way).

It would be cool if there was a pause after solving the puzzle so you get a better look at the whole photo. Also, for the post-compo version, I think you should have left the last puzzle as a 4x4 one. Maybe add a 5x5 full-rotation one too.

arielsan says ...
Dec 30, 2010 @ 4:45pm

Edward _____ Hands :P

Nice puzzle game, had fun playing it.

Endurion says ...
Dec 31, 2010 @ 10:20am

Not bad, not bad at all.
Holy feck, when the full rotation was introduced I was struck. I didn't think you'd also had to get the orientation straight ;)
Didn't stop me from beating it though!
Well done.

danblack says ...
Jan 10, 2011 @ 9:30pm

You are a sick man. easy, easy, easy, WTF! The rotation was a nice twist but trying to rotate a cube showing nothing the right way up! Evil. Other than that though a great game. Only downside for me was the lack of detail in pics when rotation was introduced.

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