August 20th-23rd, 2010
Theme: Enemies as Weapons

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The South and the North suck yorkshire puddings! I'm from the Midlands me!

by cptalbertwesker - Competition Entry

The South and the North suck yorkshire puddings! I'm from the Midlands me! is a harmless madlibs type creation centered on a fictional war between Northern and Southern England.

You play a couple of generals from the Midlands who decide to compile propaganda to encourage the North and the South to wage war on each other, rather than you.

There are four possible endings try and get them all :)

No offence is intended through this game and it was all made in good fun, I myself am from the South of England, and my partner is from the North, and find the game entertaining by many standards.

Made with Game Maker 8.

Also @greasemonkey's comment, I was not under the influence when I was making this game, just overly tired, I'm quite please with what my result was considering I was working the whole of sunday and so only made it in about 20 or so hours.

Oh yes, and graphically it is supposed to look pants, I'm not an artist, maybe you might see it as charming... I don't.

Oh, and be warned there is some swearing involved in the game, and some rude outcomes, I was going to make it a little more friendly, but I did not have the extra time.

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GreaseMonkey says ...
Aug 22, 2010 @ 10:46pm

This is a perfect example of why Game Maker sucks SO HORRIBLY under Wine.

devinmoore says ...
Aug 23, 2010 @ 7:52am

It's a funny concept, but it makes me think that it would be even better if you could just insert a pic of yourself in there and play as "you".

Catmoo says ...
Aug 23, 2010 @ 12:18pm

Awesome game, it's extremely simple but works well, I'd love to see a more expanded version with more insults, and like devinmoore said if you could put yourself in it that'd be awesome, like photo dojo but less fighting more insulting :)

GreaseMonkey says ...
Aug 23, 2010 @ 3:10pm

Actually, scrub what I said, it runs a lot better in Wine 1.2-rc3 compared to 1.1.32.

This is the game in 1.1.32:

Is this complete? I tried doing a sentence, it announces it fine, but nothing seems to happen.

Aug 25, 2010 @ 3:11am

Lol, what a weird idea. Was surprised that it only took one comment to win the game, but you could easily expand it if you wanted. Sure, there's not a lot of content in the game, but it's a nice idea and wonderfully silly. Well done ;)

Danik says ...
Aug 25, 2010 @ 8:51am

I just get a screen saying "choose a word", then it crashes. Win 7 64bit.

Catmoo says ...
Aug 25, 2010 @ 2:10pm

@Danik I'm using Win 7 64bit also and it ran fine for me

ExciteMike says ...
Aug 26, 2010 @ 3:09pm

I think GreaseMonkey meant this wine (, not the drink :)

Aug 26, 2010 @ 11:03pm

Ah I see :D my mistake

zigs says ...
Sep 2, 2010 @ 9:09am

i found the game although simplistic, very interesting.
the sounds were hilarious :)

Scramasax says ...
Sep 6, 2010 @ 2:36pm

Found it funny.

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