August 20th-23rd, 2010
Theme: Enemies as Weapons

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Leave Me Alone

by hamburger - Competition Entry

Here it is my friends!

This game is called Leave Me Alone; it's about those sad times when life feels overwhelming.

Goal: Entice the things to destroy each other.

Arrows = Move.
Space = Restart Level.
X = Start or Continue Game.
-/+/0 = volume/mute.

Please share your thoughts! This is a lonely game, and your thoughts will help me feel less lonely about it.

Coded in AS3 with Flixel. Software used: FlashDevelop, sfxr, Mixcraft, Audacity, Photoshop, Flan.

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vitae says ...
Aug 22, 2010 @ 10:53pm

Fun concept. Some non-obvious thinking required in some levels, which is nice.

Aug 23, 2010 @ 1:15am

Really nice concept, but the music is annoying after a while

voxel says ...
Aug 23, 2010 @ 1:32am

Second AClockWorkLemon, really enjoyed this (especially when I finally beat the map where you're surrounded at the very start, but the music wasn't really my cup of tea.

Notch says ...
Aug 23, 2010 @ 1:57am

I liked this one a lot! Very well executed

mpc174 says ...
Aug 23, 2010 @ 7:57am

Nice gameplay, simple yet challenging.

hamburger says ...
Aug 23, 2010 @ 8:35am

Awww I'm sad you guys don't like the music. I was really happy with it. Not yer typical game music, but it was exactly the tone I wanted. :)

If I had a little more time I would have put in some text-based cutscene-interludes, which maybe would have supported the intended tone of the music: lonely and overwhelmed.

Anyway I'm glad everyone's enjoying the gameplay.

Meep says ...
Aug 23, 2010 @ 4:21pm

Very fun game! I liked the level shown in the screenshot where you had to guide the bullets around =P

ChainedLupine says ...
Aug 24, 2010 @ 2:52am

I liked the idea; The levels with the streaming bullets were most creative to me. A brief "get ready" sort of thing would be nice; Too many times I instantly died because of not having milli-second reaction times at the start of a level.

stqn says ...
Aug 25, 2010 @ 3:15pm

This is pretty good, I like it. Only problems are a slight input lag, the borders sometimes blink which is annoying, and the life time of the projectiles seem to be variable which means I couldn't finish one level because there was no way to reach the squares. I think.
Nice music!

The Jahn says ...
Aug 26, 2010 @ 3:16am

I rather like this entry. It's an original, fun concept that I thoroughly enjoyed playing.

Jerm says ...
Aug 26, 2010 @ 3:58am

This one was fun! It would be better if the difficulty didn't go from easy to very hard so quickly, or perhaps there could be a difficulty rating on each level, I nearly gave up on the level before the one in the screenshot. I liked the music, although it was a bit bland and MIDIish.

Aug 26, 2010 @ 2:16pm

I didn't manage to finish it (got stuck on the ring-of-tendrils style level). Seemed a solid exploration of a simple but well realized mechanic (always a good thing). The music was great and fit, strangely, it felt like it oughtn't.

I don't understand what the title and theme text have to do with anything.

eli says ...
Sep 3, 2010 @ 12:05am

I got hit!

HybridMind says ...
Sep 4, 2010 @ 6:08pm

Really like this game a lot. Some of the puzzles were fun and clever to solve. Others were fun in that they were solvable from a more arcade like perspective. I enjoyed the audio and the visuals too. I couldn't get past on of the later levels where you appear in a circle of "whip" enemies. I'd always end up with one "whip" enemy left and they couldn't be killed since the walls didn't bounce. Great effort though!

shaktool says ...
Sep 6, 2010 @ 11:04pm

I think this was my favorite.

hamburger says ...
Sep 7, 2010 @ 2:45pm

Thanks everyone for the feedback and votes! Overall a good run; I scored 15th overall. My weak points were humor and community. Story of my life.

I'll incorporate everyone's suggestions into the post compo version, whenever that occurs, including adding a "get ready" start moment.

The circle of whips that some of you are getting stuck on is in fact winnable! The secret is to entice the last two whips to destroy each other.

shaktool, I'm really happy this was your fave! That means a lot since there were so many amazing games this time.

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