August 20th-23rd, 2010
Theme: Enemies as Weapons

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by Riley Adams - Competition Entry

1. Unzip somewhere
2. Install OpenAL with the provided installer
3. Run bin/LD18.exe
4. Enjoy

Gameplay Info:

The goal is simple: survive and get as high a score as possible. Your ship has no direct offensive weapons, but you can pull a nearby enemy ship in with your tractor beam (Z key in the default settings) to use them as a shield, use their weapons (holding Z fires continuously), or use them as a projectile (press X to throw the ship forward with enough force to destroy another enemy).

You also have the ability to do a "force push" of sorts, by pressing X when you don't have an enemy tractor beam-ed in, any enemies near you will be pushed outward (and possibly into other enemies).

There are occasional powerups that cause slowmo or invincibility for 15 seconds.

The difficulty setting is a decimal scale from 1 to 4, 1 being pretty tame, and 4 being ridiculous (the difficulty scales up the speed and amount of enemies, bullets etc).

Control options allow for Arrows + X/Z, WASD + Shift/Ctrl and a couple (hopefully) dvorak friendly options.

GPL'd source is included in within the Windows package.

I'll try to port to Linux, eventually.

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DeathBySnail says ...
Aug 22, 2010 @ 9:26am

This is fun, i like the concept of taking ships hostage :)

Surrealix says ...
Aug 23, 2010 @ 2:39am

This is really cool. There were more attack options than I initially assumed, it was hard to stop playing. My favourite attack was definitely shooting enemies back at each other, but using them as a weapon was a novel thought.

My only gripe was the Slow-Motion bonus, which was more annoying than anything else. I just wanted it to go away so I could keep grappling ships.

Great game!

JDruid says ...
Aug 24, 2010 @ 12:31am

This game seems to never end!

ChainedLupine says ...
Aug 24, 2010 @ 2:29am

Since I liked G-Darius, I give this a thumbs-up. Very nice, hope you flesh it out.

I do agree that the slo-mo powerup just seemed pointless.

Sparky says ...
Aug 24, 2010 @ 3:25pm

This is pretty visually slick for a Ludum Dare game! It's pretty fun too.

I think I'd like it a bit more if the ships felt more distinct. Some of the smaller ones (the little one with blue stripes and one of the jetlike ships) both have very similar weapons.

Good job, though! Congratulations on finishing.

someone says ...
Aug 25, 2010 @ 8:01am

Fun game. Mechanics work well.

Aug 26, 2010 @ 5:13pm

Nice idea, I like taking ships captive and then using their weapons. However, the one main flaw is that its too easy, for two reasons;
1) you are incredibly tough
2) your shields recharge

These issues could be fixed if the game was maintained post-competition of course.

It would be nice if your shield didnt recharge, and you instead had to collect health; as it is, I managed to play for 10 minutes without dying and stopped because gameplay hadnt changed.

I liked having the choice between a light ship with weak sheilds vs. a bigger, heavier ship which slowed me down.

Only 2 stars for audio since no music; 3 stars for community because you did several blog entries.

HybridMind says ...
Sep 3, 2010 @ 4:38pm

What a perfectly literal use of the theme! Good effort here on this one. The graphics are pretty decent and the game is fun. I played on difficulty 1 to get acquainted and then 3 for some challenge. Nice job!

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