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by Jordan Magnuson - Competition Entry

An experimental, minimalistic microgame about loneliness.

Hopefully the theme tie-in should be clear.

HINT: At the beginning of the game, you need to go UP.

NOTE: I DO plan on adding some minimalistic music at some point... for the time being, try playing the game while listening to a song you feel goes with the title :)

Congrats to everyone who submitted a game, or learned something, or had a good time :). I've seen some amazing looking stuff on the front page, and am really looking forward to playing as many of these games as I can. I love the community here. Best to everyone,


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Comments (archive)

hazman says ...

just like high school!

increpare says ...

I felt conditioned! Towards the end I was properly anxious about whether or not it was worth the bother to try approach people - I usually ended up trying anyway.

The whole "screen starts scrolling once you're in the middle" thing confused me a lot at first - took three or four starts before I figured out that I was supposed to move up.

crackerblocks says ...

I love that Simon & Garfunkle song.

localcoder says ...

Nice idea, well executed. I liked seeing the way the different groups behaved - of course, knowing I could never take part for myself...

Later on I came across someone on their own. I thought maybe things would be different... no :'(

So I felt the mood which was great. I think the game could be more emotionally powerful with some music, even a fairly simple tune.

kplbe says ...

I like it! emotionnaly interresting

SonnyBone says ...

When the lone block comes towards you near the end and then runs away... that's rough.

Tenoch says ...

Ha, I loved it. I half wanted to do something similar. Funny patterns sometimes, and the expected ending.

Music would have been great though.

Hempuli says ...

Excellent depiction of the theme! I really loved the message of this.

Endurion says ...

Yay, pretentious art game! :)

Not much of a game, but does convey emotion quite nice. Music would be nice.

shady1024 says ...

I like the idea, but I don't really agree with the "game". I really feel like it's more the other way around. It's not that everyone is avoiding the lonely person, but it's more that the lonely person is the one doing the avoiding. If that makes any sense. I would have liked it more if your job was to chase everyone away with pessimism and you like had a pessimism bar that went down over time unless you "fed" it somehow with like old french poetry and pretentious music or something like that (angst power ups?). Now that would have been a good depiction of loneliness!

drakfyre says ...

Really solid emotional entry.

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