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Intercontinental Drift

by hamburger - Competition Entry

You work for God. You're the guy in charge of drifting continents.

Z = Suck
X = Blow

Coded in AS3 with Flixel. 48 hours ago, I was a Flixel virgin; over the weekend we met and got married. Sound and music thanks to the "DrPetter suite."


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Comments (archive)

Jonathan Whiting says ...

Nice concept, well executed, and pretty amusing. After the first level or two it gets *very* hard though. No-touching is brutal with so many islands in play.

smn says ...

Very nice controlling scheme, also verrry hard. Me likes.

rik says ...

Couldn't get past screen 8, but the controls were really original and interesting. I also liked the text.

mattdev says ...

Nice idea. As others have mentioned, I found it very difficult!

skintkingle says ...

I'm finding my feelings towards this game.. difficult to get across.
I like the idea, i think the idea is brilliant, i just dont think it was done that well.. Sorry.
I did however find it very amusing.

pwnmonkey says ...

Great idea, although it does get brutally hard as previously stated. Good game though =)

Tenoch says ...

Meh? Quite hard, and very annoying music. Mostly I felt like randomly pushing stuff around and see what happened.

pekuja says ...

It was fun for a few rounds, but then it got stupid hard. I think it would had been challenging enough even if you allowed different colors to collide with each other.
The music gets a bit on my nerves.
Points for being original though.

eli says ...

Love the concept and the gradient representation with particles was excellent. Great flavor text.

The music was unbearable (also kind of unsuited for playing god, you know?).

Endurion says ...

Now that's an idea, goody goody!
The music gets a tad annoying, and boy, is that game rock hard. Still, a very solid entry.

SonnyBone says ...

Music is NERVE WRACKING, but the game is fun and unique... if not REALLY REALLY HARD.


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