Ludum Dare 36
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Ancient Technology

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by increpare - Competition Entry

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Comments (archive)

fydo says ...

Uhh.. no idea what the heck to do. I tried mashing a few buttons and the guy rowed for a little bit, but that's it?

Some instructions would help greatly!

hamburger says ...

That was pleasant. I love the art. Where did it come from?

Endurion says ...

Weird. There's probably some idea behind it but no explanation at all. I gave up halfway through the screen which took a minute already.

Sophie Houlden says ...

quite possibly brilliant, and instead of what normally happens when I play your games (I hurt my head) this time I mostly only hurt my hand.

took me a whole screen of bishi-bashi style tapping before I realised I could press and hold the button for each stroke

In case you are curious what my interpretation of events is, the guy was looking for an island where he left his lover, but was lost at sea. he died but its ok as he got reincarnated as a cake for his lover. :)

crackerblocks says ...

I keep mashing buttons and nothing happens!

SonnyBone says ...

I came. I saw. I rowed really slowly into the darkness.

Entar says ...

I'm confuzzled. I row across the screen and then it goes black... so... what fydo said. Interesting art though.

dock says ...

I enjoyed the struggle.

eli says ...

is this some kind of thinly-veiled critique on the chosen theme?

I am a great fan of your work, but I don't get everything you've done. So ok.

shady1024 says ...

I'm lost... if you can explain this to me I'll change my ratings.

jovoc says ...

nice little memento mori. not much of a game to it tho.

hazman says ...

he found the island in the end right

allen says ...

wish it had sound!

ExciteMike says ...

In the first couple seconds you've seen all there is to see. :(

jplur says ...

really big waste of time, or was this made for the 'Pretentious Art Game' theme?

Jordan Magnuson says ...

I'm not 100% sure, but I *think* I liked this a lot. Just been checking out, and I'm really coming to believe that this kind of thing is what we need right now for our medium to advance.

Graphically, I simply loved it. Whether it was really good beyond that is going to take me some time and thought. But very nice effort in any case.

(Oh, and I don't think this should have any music, but the sound of some gently lapping water would really add a lot, I think.)

Tozy says ...

'Pretentious Art Game' FTW

Almost says ...


Geti says ...

A+, good sir

Selkie says ...

Sorry, I don't get this game...

Sparky says ...

Woo, I totally won :) ! I subscribe to Sophie's notion that the protagonist is looking for his lost lover, though I contend that the fade to black signifies a continuation of his search rather than his reincarnation as a festive baked food item.

Oh, and I'm with allen in thinking a little bit of background sound would go a long way.

Pyrrhuloxia says ...

Not worth what it asks from me, imo. Judith is one of my top 5 favorite indie games, though, so 5 for community.

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