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Pirate Panic

by triplefox - Competition Entry

A puzzle game. Escape & defeat the island pirates.

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Comments (archive)

brian says ...

Fun little game with nice audio and clear graphics, the whole roguelike turn system didn't seem to fit particularly well and some of the puzzles involved alot of trial and error but a great effort and surprisingly finished product!

ToadieTechnika says ...

I like the music but the game is not that good...

smn says ...

Fun and challenging game with enjoyable audio!

demonpants says ...

Very fun puzzler - reminded me of a lot of the games I loved as a kid (turn-based grid movement). I also liked that it being turn based made it possible to be puzzle-based rather than skill-based; that was a great help.

By the by, you told me you couldn't launch my game (Zombie Grinder). Can you give it another go? When I originally posted it I forgot to include LWJGL binaries in my build (oops!) so it wasn't playable at all. I reposted (and tested it) last night. Should work now.

Hey triplefox - looks like it's trying to detect your mouse and you don't have one (or it just can't find it). I turned off mouse detection and updated the app. Can you try a third time? Much obliged!

shaktool says ...

I can't figure out how to beat level 3. :(

However! I skipped it and beat the rest of the levels, and I liked them.

The music was a bit too upbeat for this game type, IMHO, although the song is cool on its own.

PsySal says ...

Great little concept. I'd like to see a bit slower progression in the way of levels; turn-based movement is for sure great in this context, made for really interesting. I confess I couldn't figure out how to get past level 3. Is it possible?

SonnyBone says ...

Hey. This is kinda neat-o. I am also stuck with level 3. WAT?~

Endurion says ...

Good idea, and hard as fuck. The turn based system makes it a good thinking exercise. But it's really really hard.
Well done!

Almost says ...

This is a cool game.
Yes, level 3 is possible. Space passes. Enemies can shoot each other.
I'm having a hard time with the moving enemy levels, since they're slightly more complicated to predict. Curiously enough it is possible to stand on top of an enemy and it cannot shoot you.
Ok, wait, I've figured out the AI now. the trick to getting the moving guys is realizing that they do not dodge bullets, instead they simply try to maintain a line of sight with you.

Entar says ...

Cool idea, funky music. I'd like to see this one polished up a bit more, since moving/waiting isn't exactly turn-based. Still, it's a pretty good game!

Serilyn says ...

Fun game. I had some trouble with levels 5 and 7 but eventually figured them out and finished.

Hempuli says ...

Very hard, but also highly enjoyable! The red guys were a bit unpredictable, but otherwise it was interesting to think of a strategy to beat the levels!

Tozy says ...

Great game! I enjoyed it a lot! ;)

Jonathan Whiting says ...

Nice mechanics, well combined, good! Found the red guys behaviour a bit too hard to figure out to be able to puzzle my way around them without frustration. Also the elements weren't introduced in as structured away as I'd like, but that's pure nitpicking.

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