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A Practical Survival Guide for Robots

by Stoney - Competition Entry

You are stranded on an island planet far far away. Move your robot around with WSAD or arrow keys and collect battery power and fuel to stay alive.
Collect at least seven parts for your damaged spaceship and bring them back to your spaceship to repair it and fly away.
Build shelter to survive the nights.
Build markers not to lose orientation.
The more stuff you have in your inventory the faster you lose battery power and fuel.

More instructions and tips are listed in the game under "Did you know?".

Additional keys:
R - Reset game
P - Pause game

Y/Z and X - Navigate through the "Did you know?" messages

Platform notes:
The executable is in the /bin folder. Double-click on SurvivalGuide.exe

Intel mac and at least Leopard (10.5) required.
If the game starts with a gray window, minimize the window and restore it again.

Go to /bin and launch /bin/survivalguide32 or /bin/survivalguide64 depending on your machine. (To be on the safe side launch the executable from the command-line.)
libSDL, libSDL_ttf and libSDL_mixer need to be installed on your system.

Compiling the source:
The source code is licensed unter the MIT license.
- Using the Lazarus IDE: Go to /source and open main.lpi with the Lazarus IDE. Compile.
- Using the command-line: Go to /scripts, open a command-line window and type "make".

The excecutable will be located in /bin.

Tools used for development:
Compiler/Language: FreePascal
IDE: Lazarus
Graphics (3D): Cinema 4D
Graphics (2D): GIMP, Paint
Texture Atlas Generator: Image Packer
Music: GarageBand
Sound: SFXR

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Comments (archive)

Hempuli says ...

The gameplay elements are a bit thin, but this is sure a good start! The music is also very good.

psnake says ...

The graphics and music are good and do their jobs. It's noticeable that there's polish to the graphics whichs gives a great and consistent look to the game

I wish the gameplay was on the same level, it has the basic elements, but the random maps, in this case, gets in the way of the player since any strategy he could plan by restarting the level is lost because a new map is generated. In the end, it feels like it's mere luck to be able to go from island to island.

eli says ...

wonderful graphics and music. The feeling is extremely lonely and wonderful.

philomory says ...

I was looking forward to playing this game, but when I run it (on Windows), the text is all missing, as are most of the graphics. All I see are the robot and the items to pick up, no background, and no text, including on the menu. I'll be coming back to this one to try it again, because it looks interesting.

NiallM says ...

I really like the visuals and the music, but like others have said, the gameplay feels a little slight. Maybe if it were possible to construct a scanner/map from some of the materials?

Endurion says ...

Absolutely unplayable slow. Maybe 1 frame per 10 seconds. What weird stuff have you going on there?

Music is awesome though and plays fine.

SonnyBone says ...

It ran fine for me. Music was nice, but stopped playing after the 1st night. I loved the little ticker at the bottom. Mucho innovation and humor points for implementing that.

sirGustav says ...

had the same problem as philomory had at my work computer, then tried it on my home computer and everything was smooth..

ExciteMike says ...

Goes way too slow for my tastes. I think you sped the guy up it would improve the game a lot.

Diet Chugg says ...

It wouldn't play for me right. It all came up on white screen besides for graphics here and there.

jovoc says ...

Nice game. Really polished look to it.

The music was great, though it wandered a bit thematically.

It took me forever to realize that the robot could fly off the island... heheh..

The little help info messages added a lot of flavor.

Gameplay was a bit slow.

Nice work.

ondrew says ...

Most of the graphics is missing for me. I believe it has to do with Intel graphics cards. Great music though.

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