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Island Repair Man

by chrisp - Competition Entry

TO RUN ON WINDOWS: Extract all files to a new folder, then run the exe in the Release folder.

TO RUN ELSEWHERE: Source code should build on most platforms; only dependency is Irrlicht. But, not tested, and there's no makefile or anything.

The island has broken apart into white glowing pieces in a freak storm of spiky red things! Chaos! Calamity! Climate change! Who shall save us?

Have no fear, brave citizens! ISLAND REPAIR MAN is here!

Golly gosh! Thanks, Island Repair Man!

* You are the blue circle on one of the white "island pieces".
* Click on another white "island pieces" to jump to it.
* Visit every island piece at least once.
* Don't jump through red things!

My best is level 7, can you beat it?

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Comments (archive)

PsySal says ...

Gameplay wise it's a neat concept. I enjoyed trying to aim my trajectory so that it wouldn't hit a red sphere, and it was easy to understand what I was supposed to do. Pros:

- nice graphics, I have to say I quite like how the lines are drawn with the little energy pulse.
- good use of interpreting the theme as mechanics

- could use a bit more variety or interest in graphics; a game like this could really benefit from psychadaelia.
- the story felt a little bit out of place. I think your interpretation of theme as pure gameplay was a strong point, so a pretentious art game story might really compliment this =) That's my bias though! It sounds from your journal like you had that idea and in the end you just had to throw on the title screen and I think everybody knows what that's like...

Great job!

Geti says ...

Nice mechanic, though as psysal says, some more craziness in the graphics would've been awesome.

Endurion says ...

Now that's almost a new game idea :)

Very well done. Wish there was a way to get a bit more control. Sometimes you need to wait for a while until you can fire safely.

increpare says ...

This is hard, man!

Cosine says ...

Okay concept. My only complaint is that sometimes the white guys would just hover on the opposite side of the screen that I needed it to be, and refused to come over.

NGangst says ...

I really like this, the graphics are nice and simple, the gameplay is self explanitory, its challenging but do-able.

As other people have said, some variation in graphics would be nice, but otherwise, really nice idea and a really nice implementation.

Tenoch says ...

Quite minimalistic but pleasant. Although for very conceptual games like that, a nice athmosphere would help a lot (music and visual effects).

Entar says ...

Nice gameplay concept. The moving islands are a little bit crazy, but it's fun when you end up getting narrow misses to get to the next white island.

jfroco says ...

Congratulations. Usually I don't enjoy puzzle games, but playing Island Repair Man was a real joy. Great idea and excellent execution: simple to understand and fun to play. I missed some visual effects, music/sound effects and some (not too much, please) gameplay variety, but I understand that you run out of time. Please add those and you will have a great game. Congratulations.

Diet Chugg says ...

Island Repair Man. My only problem I ran into is I had a tough time telling where I was. Make him more bluish I guess would fix that. Great idea. Enjoyable humor aspect. To be complimented.

Tom 7 says ...

This is a good idea, and the game plays smoothly. I got to level 7, too. I like the simple graphics (the red fuzzies are very uninviting) and pace. The main problem with the game is that most of playing well involves waiting for a random opening. On the later levels this isn't much fun. I think it needs some way for the player to influence the movement of the red or white dots, or to kill off red dots, like by surrounding them? But, generally likable. :)

SonnyBone says ...

GREAT TECH! Needs some more polish and extras, though. Work on this more because it's RAD!

ChainedLupine says ...

Interesting concept, though I think it stretched the theme a bit. ;) One downside is that it took me a bit to figure out which was my starting sphere. Due to my monitor calibration, the blue outline was hard to pick out.

someone says ...

Great concept, neatly executed. Only issue I had is when some spheres get stuck behind stuff and you have wait for ages for a clear path. Oh, and it doesn't run in wine.

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