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The Floor Is Lava

by NMcCoy - Competition Entry

Arcade-style platformer(?) - jump between the stone islands that sink in the lava.

For great awesome.

Additional notes and tips:
* The ice cubes get farther apart the longer the game goes on, and you get bonus points for letting them scroll offscreen rather than collecting them.
* Islands move faster the closer to the edge you are, but there's always the danger of the island shrinking out from under you, so don't get TOO close.
* An island's movement can add a bit of extra momentum to your jumps.
* The lava pulses in time to the music. This has no gameplay effect, but looks cool.
* The kobold is a character from an earlier game I made, Dragondot, in case you're wondering what that's about.
* I'm in technical violation of a submission guideline. The "death poof" sound in this game is the same sound kobolds make when they die in Dragondot, as an inside joke/continuity nod. Please disregard that particular sound when considering your Audio vote.

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Comments (archive)

dgfitch says ...

Long time listener, first time caller. Mechanic is very fun, controls have a nice bit of a curve to them. I can't quite get over 100 awesome. Nice game for half a weekend!

Haighstrom says ...

High Score 109 AWESOME!

Nice game, liked the mechanic, and how you choose lava instead of water for your islands.

SonnyBone says ...

Great use of theme! I could not keep my coolth.


Tenoch says ...

I like the gameplay and the little funny details. The music is pretty nice too.

tembac says ...

Very fun game!!!

Xopods says ...

Interesting mechanic, though it took me a couple of plays to understand everything. Does the difficulty go up as you get further? I couldn't tell. I got up to around 160 Awesome after a few playthroughs, which I guess is pretty good going by other people's comments.

I gave this 3/5 overall before, but I've come back to up it to 4/5 because I noticed I've given almost everything 3/5 and this was the most fun and innovative I've encountered so far.

My main complaint with the controls is that there isn't enough visual feedback that you're bouncing into the air after hitting the lava. I kept trying to guide my dot onto an island when that happened, rather than watching the shadow, leading to multiple lava hops and, usually, death.

pekuja says ...

I wish it had a feature that saved your highscore. I'm not sure what mine is, but I'm pretty sure I had over 400.
I think really, very good as an LD game. Does just a couple of mechanics very well. I think it could be improved with a couple of additional mechanics to make it more interesting. Enemies maybe? Dash move? Double jump? Something to consider.

Endurion says ...

Gave up on 223 points. Nice take on islands. Is there an end somewhere? ;)

Tozy says ...

Its eating mi procesor!!! why?
Can't play very well. wont rate in fun but will do in innovation ;)

allen says ...

You guys are small time! I died at 677 awesome.

Entar says ...

This game has a nice couple of gameplay mechanics. It took me a bit to figure out that I could "drive" the islands, so maybe some more instructions would be good. Other than that, good job.

snowyowl says ...

Great on everything that counts. A non-boring use of islands, had me playing for ages (my highscore is currently 280... do the islands shrink faster as the game progresses?). The physics made it all worthwhile, the graphics were fairly charming, the music was... okay, and the kobold-speak made me laugh. Overall, an excellent submission!

KavuDX says ...

Simple yet entertaining game.
Achievments, online highscore and even a offline co-operative mode would make this even better.

One thing that annoyed me a bit, the graphics are very stale, as the game progressed you should have made something like the ice blocks slowly changing color, or the lava having more bubbles, something to make visual to the player that he is indeed growing in the game. Albeit simple, a graphic modification like that would greatly improve the replay value.

Diet Chugg says ...

Jump Jump Jump. Eat Ice cubes. This game was cool. maybe literally.

brian says ...

Fun game, nice sound and great concept but voted down from what I would have because of the lack of source.

the31 says ...

Wow, impressive. Once I understood the mechanics, I had a lot of fun with this.

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