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by xerus - Competition Entry

Some sort of shmuppy defense game (prototype) or something.

This is super rough, and probably not very playable in it's current state. There's a lot of work to be done in the game flow department, but there's a pretty cool system in place!


WASD for movement
Left Mouse for shooting
Right Mouse (hold) for build menu

General Help:
First build an island
then build a supplier so you can get ammo
then defend and get more energy to build
more! You can only build something on
an island when it's ready, and when you're
overlapping it. Also everything costs
energy to build, so keep track of that.

Earn energy by killing enemies.

Ammo regenerates back up to 10.

You can build islands using the right click menu.

An island costs (50) energy.

After it's built, you can place something on it.
Something like:

Defender - Shoots down enemies (100 energy)
Supplier - Generates ammo (50 energy)
Healer - Generates health (150 energy)
Seed - Wins the game (200 energy)

Build 3 SEEDS to win the game

Other Notes:
Sorry, the game is totally unbalanced and
rushed right now.

But I want to go back and work on this to
make it a really fun and complete game!

Also, there's no sound.

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Comments (archive)

increpare says ...

This is cool. Haven't won yet. I find it tough! Was playing for a while before right-clicking.

smn says ...

Pretty neat stuff, it's like a cross between some of my favorite genres. Also the Parallax background is most magnificent!

Jonny D says ...

I know that guy!

Sparky says ...

This is fun, it totally makes me want to make a defensive buildy game. I'm looking forward to future versions.

xeon06 says ...

Pretty cool, quite complete, but some sounds and music would have really made a big difference.

Jonathan Whiting says ...

Superb start on a game. It's definitely going to be awesome *when* it's finished, but only moderately amusing at the moment.

madk says ...

So hard D:

Sophie Houlden says ...

this is really, really fun. and pretty too. would have liked to see some blog posts as it was built but the timelapse pretty much makes up for it I guess :)

Tozy says ...

Fun:a lot. Inovetion: too.
Me likes.

NiallM says ...

This is really good. I'd love to see it expanded further. The combination of an RTS and a shooter is really well done. And the graphics are fantastic!

Srekel says ...

Pretty cool idea! It's pretty hard though.

Pyrrhuloxia says ...

Hey, it's Caleb from your game jam! I got your game in my assigned list. It's my fave from the jam, although it's, as you say, unbalanced and silent. The current win condition reminds me of Hexic for some reason... I think it would be interesting to have the first part of the game be about defending and building your base to relative self-sufficiency, allowing the player to progress to raiding a counterpart enemy installation.

The art is outstanding, especially the gradual progression of the islands. I also dig the fish. I think I also learned quite a few techniques from the much-appreciated time-lapse.

eli says ...

Agree with total unbalance-ness. It took me a few tries to win. The last time, I built two suppliers, and I felt like I was cheating (always had nearly unlimited ammo). The enemies were relentless, though, so it was a close battle. Also, maybe some kind of upgrade mechanic could help (or at least a "demolish" option, so I can replace old buildings).

The graphics are special, consistent, and interesting.

Great, refreshing gameplay.

Entar says ...

Great game - fast paced, strategic and fun. Cool art too.

arielsan says ...

It is an excellent game, It is really playable and enjoyable. I found it easy right now, I suppose that is why you say it is unbalanced, and I really want to have audio for this game, with that feature you will have a complete game. Good luck with the competition.

Endurion says ...

Yay, a winner is me!

Gorgeous, and also plays very good. Solid entry, only sound and music are needed.

someone says ...

Excellent game. Missed the 3 seeds goal the first time round so I was flying round with 999 energy and ammo killing stuff.

localcoder says ...

I love how much is going on visually - the player's flame trail, the particle effects as islands are built, different island sizes, the little squishy motion as the fish stop moving and start to attack... I had fun building up my islands and defending them to get the flowers.

One suggestion, I would have liked to be able to continue playing or at least see and scroll around the game world after I won.

SonnyBone says ...

Your games always look very lovely, and this is no exception. Thanks for doing Ludum Dare, as you've given me some inspiration here. KEEP WORKING ON THIS. IT'S RAD.

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