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ICELAND, OR: How I learned to stop caring and love Eyjafjallajokull

by drakfyre - Competition Entry

You are a lone risk-taking stick-figure going for the thrill ride of a lifetime, jumping from tiny island to tiny island near Iceland in a valiant and death-defying effort to score points and get the high score!

REAL TIME 2D WATER PHYSICS (Or a distant facsimile at least)
MUSIC (kinda)

Press Return/Enter to start the game. Z jumps, left and right move left and right. Jump at the peak of the waves for the best distance. Level 5 is when things start to get interesting...

UPDATE: Finished uploading my Time Lapse to YouTube! Check it out here:

UPDATE 2: Forgot to put the tools/libraries used in making this:

XCode (Code)
Pixelmator (Graphics Planning)
Korg iElectribe for iPad (Music)
Audacity (Sound Editing)
sfxr for iPhone (Sound Effects)

OpenGL (Graphics)
SDL (Window Creation)
SDL_image (Font System)
SDL_mixer (Sound System)

Eyjafjallajokull ERUPTS!

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Comments (archive)

NateNaterson says ...

One of the best entries I've seen so far!

Hempuli says ...

So simple, yet so addictive. I really liked this entry, and the water effects, while seemingly decorative, added a great lot of immersion!

bluescrn says ...

The motion of the 'water' looked great, and the overall feel was nice

Tyler says ...

I really like the gameplay element, its quite unique. I would have like to seen something in the background however...

zez says ...

Huh, I actually really like that.
The Good - Water pseudo-physics where awesome. Tight controls, good music, appropriate sound fx. Death sound was charming.
The Bad - nothing really. Could have used more levels, and maybe an encouragement for speedruns or jumping really high or something, just so it wasnt jump left, okay, wait a second for the water to chill out, jump left again. Whats that your done? Jump right. Lather rinse repeat.
The Ugly - programmer art. It was actually kind of charming tho, so Im not scoring you down for it.

roBurky says ...

That's quite interesting. My main criticism is that it takes too long to ramp up and change things.

Endurion says ...

Now that is something. You captured a good game right there. Controls are precise, the effect is interesting.
And the lava blobs at level 5 came quite as a surprise.
Rock solid entry!

pgil says ...

I'm liking this one :) Personally I'd like it if the lava started coming earlier

Tom 7 says ...

Great one! Reminded me of some of the gameplay in N+, but very creative use of the theme and a nice smooth implementation. It gets old faster than it gets hard, but there are lots of things you could add to improve that.

Hi-score 7300

eli says ...

I was really nonplussed when it started, but I waited patiently until Level 5, as you said. Things really did get interesting. I made it until 12 before being thrown catastrophically into the ocean. Quite a lot of fun here.

The physics aren't bad, and the sparse graphics don't detract. I love the death sound.

IK1985 says ...

Loved the graphics, found that there wasn't much to do, but i'm sure what was done was hard enough to do in 48 hours, nice little game.

SonnyBone says ...

Pressing UP makes thins VEDDY INTERESTING.

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