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Island Defender

by Cooshinator - Competition Entry

-A: Move Left
-D: Move Right
-W: Jump
-Mouse: Aim and shoot

The premise for this game is, simply, to defend your island from nearby attackers. Why, you ask? Well, what would you do if your island was being attacked?

NOTE: I may have said I was going to add a boss, but sadly, there was no time. :(

Thanks on the comments, guys. My goal here was to make a simple, frantic, game that you can jump into at any time and have lots of fun, and I think I acheived something like that.

For the music, I used PxTone, if you wanted to know.

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Comments (archive)

triplefox says ...

Kudos on the soundtrack.

Hempuli says ...

good and simple idea. The "noise" -effect looks great, and the soundtrack is very cool! There could have been a bit more variety in the gameplay, perhaps.

skintkingle says ...

Interesting game. Fun. But i found shooting the enemys to be most difficult seeming as we only had 5 preset angles and the enemys could come in at any angle.. plus some enemys were too high to shoot easily.

zdanielz says ...

Nice game, great "old movie" effect (although the gameboy, for example, is not THAT old :) ).
Fun to play, nice music.

Tenoch says ...

I love fast and reactive games like this. Simple but efficient. Powerful sounds effects, and nice music.
All good!

Endurion says ...

Great game, frantic, good sound, good music, good gameplay.

A bit annoying that some enemies are out of reach on the top and I couldn't stop their bombs at all.

What did you use for doing the music?

Dzarg says ...

Nice and fast paced game. It's also good to find a game that isn't too easy. More shooting angles would be nice and I didn't like the fact that D had no effect when I had A pressed. Still one of the better games here.

arielsan says ...

I have lost!!! Nice game, basic graphics but a lot of action. I felt some how limited by fire direction. As you said, you achieved what you were looking for.

Diet Chugg says ...

Would love to get powerups from enemies you defeat. This game gives me a childlike joy playing.

drakfyre says ...

Rock solid. Only problem I had was I kept clicking outside the window, but that's really not the game's fault. :)

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