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Land Ho!

by nihilocrat - Competition Entry

A game about sailing around and visiting islands.

Unfortunately this is unfinished... have fun just sailing around and discovering randomly generated islands. There's nothing else to do.

A/D - turn ship
W/S - Increase/decrease sail
Q/E - Adjust sails

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Comments (archive)

allen says ...

Shame you didn't finish it, could have been fun!

rik says ...

Managed to completely sink my boat and explore underwater! Game looks quite nice, and interesting controls, not much to do tho!

Perrin says ...

Hard to say a lot but it was a nice beginning.

Endurion says ...

Could've been quite nice to explore and do some more things. It's quite easy to sink the ship :)

refrag says ...

It's really relaxing when you get into the groove of sailing around.

belbeeno says ...

Man I could have used all these sailing tips for my game.

I think that this mechanic alone could have made for an interesting exploration game, if only there were things to discover. Volcano island! Dinosaur island! Iceland island!

Hempuli says ...

Relaxing. This'd certainly make an interesting game! :) I tried to rotate as fast as possible, causing the boat to effectively fall over and bug, allowing me to move onto the islands. Hehe.

NiallM says ...

As others have said, the core mechanic is really neat. It just needs a bit more to do, and see.

Entar says ...

Looks like a decent start; fun style.

JMNielly says ...

Fun. Crashing and then sailing upside down on the islands was hilarious. :)

Tom 7 says ...

I kept trying to reach the skybox like in Truman Show, but I never reached it! :)

Tozy says ...

I like how those lightblue scuares show you that your moving.

Jonathan Whiting says ...

Really liked this.

The wind arrow felt the wrong way round to me (a headwind should have a downward arrow surely?) As someone who used to sail dinghies I found myself wanting a slightly harsher simulation. I loved that you short for something different though, and that you actually made a sailing game rather than a drive your boat around game.

With a more involved world to explore and slightly refined physics there would be plenty here to act as a full game.

ChainedLupine says ...

Quite nice to see a sailing game! I would indeed like to see this fleshed out with more purpose and content. :)

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