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Ancient Technology

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Is Lands?

by Tom 7 - Competition Entry

Is lands?

Made in Flash without any libraries or nuthin'. Didn't save enough time to make levels, oops. :)

My first ludum dare. Hosted an all-weekend party at my house with six people; four finished games. We'll be back!

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Comments (archive)

madk says ...

I particularly liked your interpretation of the theme, but the game was short and it wasn't challenging.

shaktool says ...

Heehee, I'm a helicopter!

smn says ...

Is lands indeed! Loooved the music. Short but fun!

rik says ...

Really really love the music (especially the crash sound effect). Landing is a bit of a boncey controlled crash, (which I'd totally forgive if it weren't the main goal of the game!) Flight is also a little bit too floaty, but this game is quite charming

pythong says ...

2 levels? More please :D
Also, I didn't get it at first since I alsways looked at the floating value and didn't get what to do

increpare says ...

I felt a certain freedom flying around that I really enjoyed.

KavuDX says ...

I really liked what you did in the sound department. I was just hovering around relaxing and listening to the music. The crashing sound effect was really well thought too.
The only problem were the controls and physics, that didn't really make me feel like I was piloting an airplane, but it was fun while it lasted!

refrag says ...

The audio really made this. Great interpretation of the theme!

fydo says ...

Cool guitar music. Some airplane and landing sounds would have made this game have a perfect audio score. :)

Little short, but it's fun!

SonnyBone says ...

Nice interpretation of theme. Hope to see you return for LD18.

joaquim says ...

liked how to control the air plane.and the music (do I have to say anything?)

xeon06 says ...

Good game, I liked it, but I could never find the end, I just kept flying around. I like your take on the theme though.

pekuja says ...

That's a pretty bad pun... and there wasn't much to play. The music and graphics are nice though, and it's kinda neat to fly the plane around. Maybe you could do a continuation with more complex levels.

dertom says ...

Wow,..even there is not much gameplay you build up a real nice world with your soo cool graphics and music. All fits!
Good job!

Jonny D says ...

The music was really great and I thought the plane physics were weird but fun. I wanted to see the title taken further because I got the feeling it would be about determining if terrain is land (able) or not.

Entar says ...

The gameplay was OK, but I really liked the music and imaginative visuals.

Almost says ...

Didnèt realize what I was meant to be doing at first. Cute graphics, although the game was pretty short.

hamburger says ...

Nice music, solid enough gameplay, although I didn't really find it interesting.

Endurion says ...

Cool, loved the landing part. Sweet music as well. Too bad it's rather short and not really a challenge.
Leaves me wanting more!

tove says ...

Where'd you go?!

Jonathan Whiting says ...

I loved the whimsical feel of the plane, and the music, and the graphics.. Seemed pretty light on game though.

Draknek says ...

Flying around is enjoyable; music is lovely.

Gameplay is missing, but I didn't mind that too much.

brian says ...

Made me wish I was that talented at guitar, the quality of recording is really nice. The game itself is a bit too floaty and it was really hard to find your place, as well as some of the art being confusing as to what is and isn't 'lands', but nice and complete game.

allen says ...

Ha, pretty cool interpretation of the theme.

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