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by smn - Competition Entry

So here it is, my first Ludum Dare game!
It's a puzzle game, and I sure hope playing it will be as tricky for you as designing some of the levels has been for me.
The random level feature is strictly experimental, if you come across a level that is unplayable due to it's layout (might happen ;D) just press R.
All the other instructions and the game itself can be found on the web-link.


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Comments (archive)

Riley Adams says ...

Interesting concept, nice work! (my head hurts now...)

rik says ...

Very cool! Shame the level titles always obscure the 3rd island (really annoying!), concept, music is great however!

hamburger says ...

This game is super good! It makes my brain feel good.

It's a good example of a super simple concept embraced and focused on to the end, which I think characterizes all good LD games. Have you played Deadly Rooms of Death? Those games have a very similar mechanic.

I didn't fall in love with your visuals and music, but they're solid and consistent; the game feels complete.

Kudos on doing such great work for a first-time LD entry. :)

youdonotexist says ...

I really like this game! My brain enjoyed the spatial puzzles and the

I wasn't a big fan of the art, but the sound and music fit perfectly.

rogual says ...

Oh man, I've always been terrible at this kind of thing. I got up to "Entrenched" but that one beat me.

So: Art is nice, and I rather like the soundtrack too. As rik mentioned, the bug with the level names makes things really frustrating, especially since you have to move before they go away.

Also, I think you could have saved the rotated islands for later; it's hard enough coordinating three little men at once!

arielsan says ...

really nice, I have a hard time with this game, I really like it.

Tenoch says ...

Quite amazing idea. Got pretty hard very fast, but the athmosphere maked you want to keep going.
Great job!

Hempuli says ...

I really would recommend adding the possibility to hold the arrow buttons! The puzzle idea was mind-bending in a very good way.

Draknek says ...

A great idea well implemented. Music is very good, puzzles are tricky (as they should be).

Endurion says ...

Holy feck, my brain is in a knot now.
The most annoying thing is the level title box staying over the third view for too long. The second is having to release the move keys again (although it's probably a safety measure).

sf17k says ...

Good puzzles, good length. Only being able to take one step at a time makes perfect sense once it gets to the harder levels.

pekuja says ...

Fun puzzle. Gets really difficult though especially when the islands are all oriented differently. Maybe the game could have an easy mode where the puzzles were the same but the islands were all upright? The music makes for a really creepy atmosphere.

jovoc says ...

This made my head hurt (in a good way).

Very well done and nice progression of the difficulty levels. Great job. I'm not sure what a Pleochorism is but they sound tasty.

brian says ...

Really awesome game, I get frustrated easily so I only made it to the first 3 island level and gave up but it's clearly really well put together. I liked all the art and found the portrait picture to be hilarious. The only place I felt it fell short was on the theme really, since it felt much more abstract than a series of islands.

Morre says ...

I love it! Gameplay is lots of fun, there's a huge amount of levels (for an LD game, at least), and the mechanics are fairly innovative. The auido is really nice as well.

I agree that being able to hold the arrow keys down would be neat (though it shouldn't repeat too quickly).

Well done!

cptalbertwesker says ...

Great little puzzle game, and really cool concept, gets so difficult it makes me scream! Love the passwords for levels, a really solid game, gratz!

Almost says ...

Gah, that title text is annoying.
Also, having to press space bar between every level gets to be a nuisance.
Puzzles are challenging, although there is a lack of variety in puzzle elements. (I made it to "additions" before I got bored/gave up.

NeiloGD says ...

That's awesome! However it becomes a bit of a nightmare at 3 islands. Great work, shall be revisiting this game later :-)

Tom 7 says ...

Thanks for making a puzzle game with actual puzzles! The gameplay is totally sound, and while I don't think the idea is new, it was well executed and has actually hard puzzles in it. The level title starting on top of my dude is pretty annoying. Wish there had been an 'undo' button, since it's easy to accidentally press the wrong direction when looking at the upside-down guy, for example. The continue code should display on the level (or there should be some way to see it), because once you're into a hard one and realize you have to stop, but want to come back later, you can't at that point get the continue code! Generally, good job. :)

someone says ...

Very nice.

SonnyBone says ...

OOOH. This is nice. Veddy nice.

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