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Wow, Islands And Stuff!!

by Hinchy - Competition Entry

You are a super floating island super explorer! Adventure through SIX (count 'em!) levels in search of a palm tree to call your own! Warp from island to island through the power of something! Precarious platforming! Useless coins! YEAH!

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Comments (archive)

Stoney says ...

Very nice platformer. Nothing really innovative, but fun.

xeon06 says ...

Very cool, simple but it works. I really liked the idea of the whole "transporting orbs". Some of the plants' sprites were buggy for me, showing a black line on the top. Other than that, great game.

Terry says ...

Finished it! I liked it, but I thought it took a while to get going, and felt a bit over long, maybe.

I liked it overall, though. Feels very polished and complete! Liked the graphics and the music too. There's a lot here for 48 hours. :)

Hempuli says ...

Very enjoyable! The level design was mostly very good, and you had managed to make the game feel fun to play. :)

Entar says ...

Great music, and nice graphics. Decent gameplay mechanics too.

Endurion says ...

Very solid game! Not particularely innovative, but really good fun.

Hint: When I saw the first time "YOU WON" I thought the whole game is done ;)

TFernando says ...

I enjoyed the levels, and was pleasantly surprised when the night-time lighting effect kicked in. The being moved around when passing a checkpoint worked really well.

Dzarg says ...

Awesome amount of content done in so little time. The game really has a polished feel. Very nice.

jfroco says ...

I really liked it. Simple and fun. I agree it's a lot of content. Excellent music. In my opinion, the only thing that could be better is the collision detection, but you don't even notice when playing because it's a great game. Congratulations.

SonnyBone says ...

Cool little game, but like others have said, it's not all that innovative. Not much to do with islands, either... but the music was very island-y. Overall good job!

zez says ...

Tehee. That was cute. Nothing new, but well done.
The Good - Graphics where, for the most part, good looking,audio felt appropriate, and the level design was mostly pretty rad. I also liked the lack of consequence for dying, that was good considering...
The Bad - Leaps of faith frequently ended in death, except for the times they ended in orbs, or switches.... groan.
The Ugly - Rotated sprites had terribly anti aliasing. Im sure that was just because of the program you used, and I am guilty of using rotation to save time too, but god that looked bad.

kplbe says ...

Very good music and nice graphics

jovoc says ...

Nice platformer. The little teleport bubbles didn't really add anything to the gameplay, and the made the layout more confusing and less linear.

Very nice graphics, but I'm going to get nitpicky here -- first, there were some glitches on my PC and you could see the top of adjacent sprites on the bottom -- this doesn't show up on your screenshots so I guess it's just something with my system. The lopixel art style was great, but when you choose a style like that you have to be strict and consistent. For example, the "throwing star" enemies looked anti-aliased instead of monochrome, and didn't have the black outline that the others did. And the blending in the "glow" didn't fit with the lo-pixel look.

Character design of the main guy was nice though, and the levels were very easy to tell what was land and what wasn't.

Music was really well done.

Diet Chugg says ...

Very Solid Platformer. I just wish the coins I collected had some use.

philomory says ...

The two things which sell this game are the art style and the level design. The basic mechanic may be not be very novel, but there's style in spades. This definitely deserves to be expanded and fleshed out.

Also, the music is nice, but it needs to be louder. I actually played the entire game through, hearing only the sound effects and thinking nothing of it, and didn't even know there was music at all until I read the comments here. I went back and listened. It's nice. Turn it up!

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