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Aah Little Atlantis

by Robert Swan - Competition Entry


Both the original version and the updated version now come in two flavours:

* A version that comes with an installer
* A version that comes without an installer (ie, is just an executable in a folder). This version also includes the source code and assets

ORIGINAL (competition) VERSION

Strategy game whereby you flood and strike Atlantis with meteors, in order to save it's people!

A mouse controlled game that allows you to rescue as many Atlanteans as possible, or kill them for fun. They are sad if you do that, though.

Lots of neat features, hidden tactics, high scores, and a sort of tutorial in one neat little package.


Developed with XNA, and therefore the zip file contains an installer which will install any missing prerequisites and then create a desktop shortcut to the game. In theory

UPDATED VERSION 02 (post competition)

NOTE: this version has one crash bug fix and some unintentional gameplay side-effects. Most people won't notice any difference between the two versions (although ALL changes are listed below), so if you are rating please prefer the earlier version as that is much fairer to the spirit of the competition. Thanks!


crash bugs fixed

* fixed crash if you clicked on the border of the game while dropping a rock

other bugs

* higher scoring atlanteans now move first instead of last
* boats can't move through each other
* boats can't move over drowned people
* destroying raft or boat that have rescued atlanteans reduces your score
* bug in atlanteans choosing which way to move
* levels 5,6 changed to highlight ingenuity required to get most rescues

minor aesthetic changes

* draw live atlanteans on top of dead ones
* flooding land with bones on it now removes the bones
* meteors dropped on drowned people removes the people
* text typo-ed and clarified...
"as soon as they get on a," > "as soon as they get on a"
"if i was was an atlantean" > "if i was an atlantean"
"so near and yet so far" > "so near and yet so far."
"the osd has just been turned on" > "the helper has just been turned on"
"the osd shows" > "the helper shows"

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Comments (archive)

Geti says ...

I couldn't get it to run under wine in linux :/ Sorry..

Perrin says ...

Very nice game, bit heavy on the text during the tutorial but good stuff.

NeiloGD says ...

Great game! Wish there was sound in it though :-(

shawn42 says ...

I too wish for sound. Fun game, still a little fuzzy on the exact logic on how the little buggers move. Seems inconsistent sometimes.. great game, made me think!

allen says ...

I refuse to install a game that I am going to play for 5 minutes and delete. Please offer a zip with just the game.

shady1024 says ...

The XNA framework says it received an error and asks to report it for me. I'm unable to run your game.

Endurion says ...

Lovely, looks very polished. Somehow the Atlanteans don't always seem to run from freshly sunk tiles. Are they also afraid of meteors? I thought they would save them?

All in all solid game, sound is needed!

fydo says ...

Sorry, haven't got XNA installed. I did give you a community rating though.

PsySal says ...

Would not run due to not having DX9 capable graphics! Sorry =) I won't put any ratings in so that it doesn't affect your score.

Hempuli says ...

Very very promising! The game looks great and I think the game idea is very well thought out. It's a bit complicated for me, though.

demonpants says ...

Darn, wouldn't install for me. Looks very impressive, though.

philomory says ...

I really wanted to try this one, but it wouldn't run :(

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