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Dreams of how we once were

by Perrin - Competition Entry

Move through a series of dream islands on a journey through memories of a past relationship.

EDIT: Added an improved version I've been working on since the competition.

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Comments (archive)

allen says ...

Definitely not a video, and not a traditional game..but an interactive story. Which I still categorize as a "video game". I enjoyed it, for what it's worth.

Tyler says ...

Your game was more of a video than a game. There was little game play, and it seemed to tell more of a story then have gameplay. I would suggest next LD to make your scope smaller and add more gameplay.

roBurky says ...

The final two stages were excellently done.

Cooshinator says ...

I see where you were going with this one, but I didn't like the lack of gameplay. And lol @ the rainbows

rik says ...

This game has some really really great moments, which I really enjoyed. Played through to the end - was much longer than I expected.

arielsan says ...

I didn't enjoy it, probably because I didn't understand it :( (I hope that was the reason) and is a bit slow.

increpare says ...

Hope you had a good time with unity - I really enjoyed the starting portion of this, and in general liked the architectural aspects. I liked jumping into the water the first time. At some point I lost interest in the story - the lines it followed were, to me, a little clichéd.

Anyway, good work

Xopods says ...

An interesting experiment. I can see how this could be quite an evocative medium for an art game, exploring environments and being given snippets of emotional recollections regarding them. Not sure exactly how the islands tie in, except to structure the story into chapters, but I'll give you the benefit of the doubt on that.

My main problem with it is that when you fall, it respawns you back at the beginning. A few islands in, I stepped back to take a better look at something and fell off the edge, and didn't feel like walking back through everything I'd already seen just to get to where I was. Like walking through a door at a museum, finding you're back at the entrance, and the door has locked behind you.

Terry says ...

This came out really well - islands four and five, especially.

I played this with country music in the background.

youdonotexist says ...

Was a little too much video and not enough gameplay. With that said, I still liked it. The emotional impact was there and felt like I was a peering into the life of another person.

Falling was a big pain, though. Having to go all the way back to the beginning when falling off almost deterred me from completing.

KavuDX says ...

Like Xopods said, the concept was interesting, albeit not a game, the way you exposed the story made me craving for more and so I kept going on.
Some problems though, the mouse sensivity (I don't know if I can edit it) was WAY too high, which made me fall one or two times. It's like an YouTube video, where you wan't to rewind it only a bit, and then it starts all over the beginning.
Also, the lack of sound made it harder to have any emotional attachment to the story, maybe next time you should think about that.

At last, WONDERFUL work with the skies and textures, those were REAL nice artworks.

frosty says ...

Novel idea, and despite the wonky movement, I did keep playing to see what the next snippet would be. It would be interesting to see a polished take on the concept. In a way, though, I think trying to add much more "game" might actually detract from it.

madk says ...

That was an emotional game.

Hamumu says ...

Really did not like that this was a huge mass of default unity things (like the palm trees, really integral parts of the artwork and you didn't make them. I drew my own palm trees!). The movement was also very bad. Really could have used some emphasis on making the experience smooth and usable, not just getting the 'art stuff' in front of the player.

refrag says ...

You're dark man. Very very dark.

Endurion says ...

Interesting concept, not really game, rather a story.

And a few flaws: Falling off somewhere puts you back at the current chapter. Urgh.

Also, half of the textures and palms seem to be premade stuff. Not good in LD.

Diet Chugg says ...

umm.... ok that weirded me out. looks like you did alot of work though.

brian says ...

I really liked some of the scenes, specifically the one where they grew apart (with the couch then the two seats) and how the world was turned upside down, but the earlier scenes didn't seem to be very interesting. I liked the theme implementation and the use of projectors, but this is a game where 'atmospheric' music is a requisite in my opinion. Overall interesting and well put together but missing some stuff key to the experience that was trying to be delivered.

SonnyBone says ...

Neat idea. Needs some audio.

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