Ludum Dare 36
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Ancient Technology

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Giant Floating Island Adventure

by QOGQOG - Competition Entry

You play as a young creature trying to escape from a giant floating island in the sky.
R to respawn from last checkpoint
Feedback appreciated.

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Comments (archive)

snowyowl says ...

Lags a bit on my computer. Pretty fun and nice graphics, but a bit short. And what happened to the hoverberries? I liked those guys.

Terry says ...

I really like this :)

ickylevel says ...

I have like 5 fps on my netbook... That's why you don't use gamemakers I guess ...

increpare says ...

I find the controls a little awkward. Maybe I just need to give it more time...

pubby8 says ...

It was very very laggy.

ToadieTechnika says ...

Its kinda laggy in my laptop, but good game though...

Tyler says ...

I was really looking forward to this as a fan of platformers, and I am happy I got a chance to play it. The gameplay is very simple, but I feel that you should have given a quicker tutorial of some form in the beginning. Great art+sound

Hempuli says ...

Looks great, but the gameplay is quite tedious.

Endurion says ...

Hmm, the controls are rather annoying, you're sliding way too much. I got forward a tad but then fell off in one room to the left of the first elevators and the game suddenly stuck.

Tozy says ...

Reminds me of knit (i dont know how to tipe that).

hamburger says ...

Nice graphics... I guess I'm dumb though, I couldn't figure out how to feed the elevators.

Tom 7 says ...

Good platformer. Thought it was the right length for LD, though I'm pretty sure I didn't explore every room. (Is there just one ending?) The jumping controls didn't feel quite right, like too much hang time at the top of the jump, and not enough clearance when jumping to a block at my maximum height. Also, the placement of the save point at the beginning is kind of a blunder; if you hit that before getting all the hoverberries, then if you die towards the elevator you need to make another whole loop to pick up the hoverberries, go back to the start, and climb up again, and you can't save because the save point is already active. Game sped up after I got past the elevators, which was welcome. Contains spelling errors "violaters" and "congradulations". Loved the harsh pixelated graphics styles; reminds me of knytt.

philomory says ...

I liked the visual style, especially the rain effect. Audio was ok. Unfortunately, that's all I'm able to rate. Game is unplayably laggy and uncontrollable for me. Too bad, looks interesting.

SonnyBone says ...

I'm getting more of a CAVERNS/EXPLORATION feel from this than an ISLANDS feel. Good game, I'm just not sure how well it suits the current theme.

Runs fine on my PC.

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