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Attack of the Canvey Island Monster

by Catmoo - Competition Entry

The Monster of Canvey Island has returned after fifty five years!

Try to cause as much havok before she sadly suffocates due to lack of water.

Move her with the arrow keys, you can also smash cars in the foreground with the space bar.

The game was made in Game Maker v.8

Sadly I did run short of time, there were a lot of features which I cut at the last minute as they weren't entirely finished, such as people on fire (only thing that could hurt the create) knocking down buildings, as well as a variety of people, random sfx for the creature, a better background, plus much much more :)

Overall though I'm quite happy with the finished product even though it is simple :)

Also for those that don't read the story the creature was found in Canvey Island which is in Essex, UK.
I hope you enjoy playing it!

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Comments (archive)

jovoc says ...

Love the look of the creature! Very cool and unusual. Gorgeous gfx on the title screen (I hope those photographic elements were taken during the compo weekend, tho. I'll overlook the newspaper clipping but the rest should be original) ...

I wish the buildings, cars and clouds had more personality, like the monster and the titles, but they're still nice and clean and look good.

Not too much gameplay -- nothing (not even time?) seemed to hurt the monster, so there wasn't much challenge to it. With a little more work, this could be an awesome rampage-style basher game.

Also.. "Noooooo!"... great stuff!

youdonotexist says ...

Good Stuff! I really liked the art and sound effects. Reminds me a lot of the Rampage series.

Gameplay got a little repetitive after a bit.

zez says ...

The Good - Graphics where mostly good. The title screen and explanation was awesome, felt like a b-movie, and Im always for pretty girls looking terrified of giant monsters. The monster... was well drawn. Ill get into the monster more later. Also, you have a good moniker, so that's cool.
The Bad - Gameplay was nonexistent. Straight up. There was no game here, I moved left, sometimes I hit spacebar to crush a car. I couldnt even climb and destroy buildings, or eat people. I was really hoping for a rampage knockoff, and instead just hit left for awhile.
The Ugly - First off, the monster was just a penis with legs and gills. I dont know about you, but Im not that scared of a wang. I mean, I guess the size was a little bit intimidating. My cock is nowhere near the size of a skyscraper, so I guess I should have feared being emasculated? The sound... might fall under good and might fall under ugly. I flip flopped on it. I liked that you actually bothered recording audio for it, and it sounded thoroughly cheesy. Thats a good thing, helped the feel. That being said, it got old, fast. It was also sampled fairly poorly and ofsuch had a bit of feedback on it that kind of hurt my head. I probably wouldnt have noticed that last part if I wasnt an audio engineer though, so Im giving you 3 in sound.

PsySal says ...

Oh, dear... I love the use of theme for this, and that fish with legs freaks the heck out of me. I think this would be really interesting as a "where in the world is the canvey island monster?" type game! Crazy =)

frosty says ...

Very clever and funny theme! Wish there was more game to it, but it was entertaining for a while, at least. =)

Tom 7 says ...

The art on the main creature (especially) and the intro material is great, and I thought the theme was weird and cute. There's not much to do other than walk and smash stuff, so it sort of plays as an animated comic, and it's a bit too long for that. But I guess that's kind of like a metaphor for being a fish with feet. :)

Spiridios says ...

Loved the sound and art. Liked how it tied to a real "monster." Wish there was some more gameplay.

Endurion says ...

Awww, dang. I hoped I could also smash the buildings, but it wasn't meant to be :(
Awesome base, but sadly not more than that.

Perrin says ...

Seemed a bit limited and was reaching in terms of the theme but was funny non the less.

demonpants says ...

I laughed when I read zez's comments because I was thinking the same thing - the monster is very phallic. Also there is no gameplay - I never lost any energy, and all I did was hold the right arrow and space bar at the same time. After a minute and a half or so the sound was destroying me ears and that was that. I love the concept, but that's about it.

cptalbertwesker says ...

Shame you couldnt put everything in it that you wanted, the graphics are real neat, and make up for the lack of gameplay, perhaps if you had the monster's health depleting over time there would have been more of a sense of danger. Very interesting use of the theme, the audio is awesome, love that scream on the main menu.

SonnyBone says ...

I just want to say that those beans on the bread look NASTEH. But to get on topic, your game is funny in its absurdity.








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