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You are me now

by eli - Competition Entry

Puzzle/adventure, 2D-platformer.

Engine: Flixel (FlashDevelop)
Music: Musagi
SFX: sfxr
Pixels: Graphics Gale and Inkscape
Map: Mappy

I feel that this LD has been much more productive for me. The scope of this game is larger, much larger, than the last one. The mechanism is intriguing to me, and I wish I had more time to explore it further. This project might have a continuation as well.

The initial idea was to use the "island" theme as a metaphor, which brought forth the cloning mechanic.

Photo from ending screen taken by myself during the competition.
You can see it here:

(I hope my server holds up!)

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Comments (archive)

Endurion says ...

Interesting. I got almost stuck in one area and had to R my way out of there. The mind harp is the ending?

zdanielz says ...

Great use of the theme, clever game mechanics and level!

Hempuli says ...

Nice gameplay mechanics! I think you could've done the same with much smaller game area, though...

SpaceManiac says ...

Very clever. I enjoyed it quite a bit :)

Stoney says ...

This is a great game: Nice concept, I especially like C key mechanic.

easlern says ...

I really enjoyed this. :) The split-personality (or whatever you might call it) mechanic was neat and the gameplay was paced well. I do wish the character handled a little better though (jumping was tricky at points.)

Almost says ...

This is really cool. I like the quote at the start.
The platforming was a bit clunky because the horizontal acceleration of the player is so small one has to back up and get a running start for even the simplest of jumps.
The mind switching mechanics were very neat, although it wasn't immediately obvious that it was the pink squares on which my ghost was able to walk.
Also, the whole world felt like a single island, and lowering the water level felt like seeing more of the one island, not allowing access to another island. This is a small complaint, but the game seemed to imply that I wanted to get to other islands, not just more of this one.

pekuja says ...

Fun game. I really liked the idea of connecting islands through lowering water. With literary reference too, and extending the metaphor to connecting you with your enemies through mind powers. :-)
The player character was kinda slow. I think the game would feel better if he was faster.

NateNaterson says ...

I liked it. It was a tad slow-paced but it was very creative.

Sophie Houlden says ...

I think everything about this was spot on. I loved it :)

arielsan says ...

I like the idea, good game. I have cheated some how, I controlled an enemy who was near the end of the game, and then I win.

shawn42 says ...

neat idea, I like it. good work

Draknek says ...

The idea is great, but the player movement is terrible. He accelerates far too slowly: really kills the fun.

A more fleshed-out version with that fixed would have a lot of potential.

brian says ...

Great music, great idea, but the character movement made it not as fun as it could've been, still a very well put together effort for the time and I absolutely loved all the little touches like the shaking when you die. Mucho impressivo!

SonnyBone says ...

I LOVED the music in this. Ambient, atmospheric, almost entrancing. The game was nifty as well, even though the mechanics were a bit rough. The overall idea was brilliant. Good work!

someone says ...

The mechanics were awesome. A bit slow for all the backtracking though.

Jonathan Whiting says ...

A nice, innovative, complete experience :) Superb music.

The sluggish horizontal movement was a bit of a pain, mostly because it'd have been easily to fix. The back tracking would have been frustrating had the game been longer, but it rounded off at an appropriate time.

Not really sure I understand the philosophical allusions, felt a bit unfocused to be truly meaningful. I'm just nitpicking though, it was great.

philomory says ...

A fantastic game. Music, graphics, gameplay, all wonderful. Loved the Clarke quote a the beginning, too. Only complaint is that it's too short! This needs further exploration.

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