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Savory Sea Hoss

by SonnyBone - Competition Entry

You are the Sea Hoss, and it is your duty to deliver tasty deliciousness to the stranded castaways of Sumbitchin' Islands.

Read below to figure out what the hell you're supposed to do, because there are no in game instructions.

- Move your LEEF BOTE left and right with the arrow keys.

- Watch for the SUPPLY DROPS from overhead, and collect the packages before they sink to da bottom of da damn sea. Each package scores you 10 hunks of food that you must hurl with a questionable amount of accuracy towards the food storage bins on each island.

- Press the SPACEBAR to toss savory goodness into the air, and hope that it lands in a box and not in the water or against the face of a starving castaway.

- Each food item that lands in a storage box earns you 1 point.

- You can earn BANKSHOT bonuses by bouncing food off a castaway's head and making it land in a box. This is usually by complete accident, but you can lie and say that you did it on purpose.

- The castaways are insatiable. They will beg for food until they die. Notice that they never eat it. They just beg for it. There is no use in trying to please them. Just worry about your score. It's what matters most in this world.

- Killing a castaway will cost you 25 points. Every castaway that is left alive when you complete the run will earn you 25 points.

- You are judged on your food tossing accuracy at the end of your run, and you are given a bonus multiplier to reflect your (lack of) skill.

- There is only 1 'stage', and the only objective is to earn points by any means necessary.

- Oh, and press ENTER to start the game when on the title screen, and again at the results screen to reset.

- F4 goes into full screen mode


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Comments (archive)

crackerblocks says ...

a tour de force!

dgfitch says ...


Tyler says ...

Love the art style. I really wish you had more levels/gameplay, but the art certainly compensates.

Jonathan Whiting says ...

Completely and utterly nuts, but in the great way.

Diet Chugg says ...

Forget logic kill all the survivors! Simple and Hilarious game. I had a feeling it was going to be funny just by reading the instructions. The music was great would of loved to see some humorous sound effects added.

rogual says ...

Love your style. I couldn't manage to score except by accident, but it really didn't matter.

Jordan Magnuson says ...

I love the absurdity of this. Also the art style (very close to what I was considering). Scoring seemed pretty random, but I think that's how it should be, as it adds to the "nuts" factor. Sound effects would have been nice (especially when killing survivors), but the fact you had time to make some music is pretty impressive. Nice work!

Endurion says ...

Ha, this game is made of win!
Hilarious, polished, fun.
Only nitpick for me, there's not much of a challenge going on.

tove says ...

I couldn't play the game, but felt compelled to give you a high "humor" score based on the instructions alone.

recursor says ...

The game play was interesting and funny. The art style was great! Nice polish on a 48 hour game.

eli says ...

WOW, amazing and strange game. Great music, great graphics. Good and interesting gameplay.

The only problem I feel it has is the "questionable accuracy" of the shots. This is obviously on purpose, but I think it needs to be more skill-oriented, instead of learning the range and positioning yourself at the average angle.

Codexus says ...

Fun graphics! The gameplay failed to really capture my attention as it seemed the food was thrown rather randomly but maybe I failed to notice something.

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