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Islands of the Stone God

by jarnik - Competition Entry

- code: FlashDevelop (Flash ActionScript 3)
- sound: sfxr + musagi
- graphics: Inkscape + Gimp

- Flixel v1.25
- TweenLite v6.21

This is a story of a non-specified insignificant stone god, who dwells in distant dark waters, near a group of islands.
Once in a while he climbs out of his cozy abyss to look upon the world and all the new islands and things,
that came to existence since his last visit. He likes to mangle and twist destinies.

I had a lot of fun creating various creatures and their interaction rules, I wish I had just one more day to add more content.


Get 15 achievements, have fun.

Move islands over the map, so that the living creatures could traverse between them.
When you're done, enter the abyss to finish the level.

In each of 7 levels, new islands appear, bearing new items and creatures.

Creatures interact with items and each other according to given rules. Accomplishing some of the interactions will get you an achievement.

Minimap (you're white, abyss is red) and stone plaques (with tips) may help you.


CURSOR KEYS - movement
X - jump

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Comments (archive)

AClockWorkLemon says ...

Good game! i really like the idea of the different interactions between different objects!

allen says ...

That was pretty awesome! I played it twice to see what all I could do, was great! Loved the abstract pixel graphics and the low rumble of the music was nice and wasn't too over-bearing.

smn says ...

Very cool stuff, spent quite some time playing this one. Love the art. Only downside is the quite repetitive music, there is loads of room for atmosphere to fulfill in such a game. Otherwise, however, top-notch!

Hempuli says ...

Interesting idea. There were some technical flaws here and there (scrolling), but nothing too bad. I couldn't totally figure out what I was supposed to do in the later levels, though.

brian says ...

Very very awesome, a bit too freeform in that it wasn't obvious how stuff would interact at first, but incredibly polished end product and lovely art and sound design.

jplur says ...

I love this kind of sandbox achievement finder game, great work!

increpare says ...

I quite enjoyed that - mainly the starting sections, though after a while I found it seemed to loose some pace.

Entar says ...

I guess it could use a little bit more in the way of directions, not very clear. Otherwise, interesting idea.

SonnyBone says ...

I was confused yet entertained. I dug the sounds.

Srekel says ...

Liked the concept though it was kind of hard to know what to do without the list of achievements easily available.

Almost says ...

I sort of figured out that some stuff would interact, but I didn't feel like I had much control. I never found reason to jump.

jfroco says ...

Original and interesting idea. I loved the graphic style. First time I wasnt sure what to do, but second time I play (and read the description) was fun. I think it has a lot of potential. Congratulations.

Endurion says ...

Neat concept, loved the interaction stuff. Alas with 48 hours there's only so much you could do.
Plus for the Star Trek combination ;)

arielsan says ...

I felt it a bit slow, however I like the concept and I think you did a great job. It remind me somehow to civilization.

jovoc says ...

Great concept and fantastic use of the theme.

It could have been clearer when you triggered a combination or not. But still it worked great.

Excellent job and the look of the game was a perfect fit. Especially nice touch making the "god" a giant floating monolith thing..

Jonathan Whiting says ...

Really great, highly original, atmospheric and fairly fun. Though I didn't feel especially compelled to replay, there's a grain of brilliance here. An impressive achievement in the timescale.

Tozy says ...

It looks quite finished, and it's fun. Nice! =D

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