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Island Jumper

by Xion - Competition Entry

I guess I'm done. Pretty happy with it. I could probably keep going a little longer but I stop when I stop enjoying working, which is now, dig?

Arrows move
Space to jump
Anything else to throw shovels

Find clues to figure out where to jump
Get treasure.
Be awesome.

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Comments (archive)

Geti says ...

Really cool, though the scanlines raped my eyesight a little. The jump mechanic was a bit longwinded, but i enjoyed wandering around a lot.

triplefox says ...

I really like the concept, but the jumping felt too cumbersome(I think it would work if you knew the arc beforehand and the gameplay was about fuel management instead), and nullness errors ended the game prematurely.

pgil says ...

Love the art style. The jumping takes some getting used to, but it was fun.

sander says ...

It's too hard for me and I keep walking into the water.

Endurion says ...

What a funny idea to jump to other parts. Although the jumping mechanic is a bit tedious in the long run.

Bailed with a script error when I took a huge jump unto the right end of the map.

SonnyBone says ...

This was WAY fun. Hard as crap, but waaaaay fun.

Could've used some bassy, thumpin' music, though.

Tyler says ...

I got this...
action number 1
of Step Event
for object sys_messages:

Error in code at line 11:
x = ob_player.x
at position 16: Unknown variable x

Spiridios says ...

Not really liking the scanlines nor the fact that I have to "end task" in order to quit the game early. I do like the mechanic, though that's a lot of variables to play with. Good job overall.

Oh, I crashed with errors too by jumping to the south with full incline and a lot of power from the circle thingy to the south-west of where you start.

Perrin says ...

This was rather nice. Found it a little tricky, but definitely something that could be evolved into a longer game with a more gradual learning curve.

philomory says ...

Really interesting mechanic, and puzzles to boot. Nice graphics, acceptable sound. Difficulty could have used a bit of adjustment, as the collision was a bit too unforgiving, but otherwise a quite solid entry. Checkpoints would have been nice, though.

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